Sunday, 21 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree and hand made tree ornaments

I wasn’t going to bother putting up a Christmas tree in the lounge this year, as the ones I have are monsters at 7.5 foot and upwards in the loft, and after my hubby having two joint replacements I didn’t want him lugging even the smallest of the monsters down.  So, when an email landed in my inbox from Balsam Hill asking if I would like to review one of their trees  I was thrilled, especially as I got a smaller tree (easier to put away once Santa is a fond memory).  I had seen their adverts on the telly and had already been drooling over the selection of trees on their website, and man those trees are the bizz!

Mine arrived the next day so I set to work all by myself I’ll have you know – no need for an extra pair of hands.  Excuse the old towel on the carpet, the box was a bit dusty.


Oh man was I impressed, a bag to pop the tree in once Xmas is done, and even gloves for me tender mits when straightening out the branches


LOVE LOVE LOVE this tree, so realistic, nice strong branches that hold heavy ornaments without drooping…..  Just divine!  Honestly I can’t rave about it highly enough.


So, I popped it on the coffee table to decorate it and decided to leave it right there.  No need to move any furniture around this year Smile

All tarted up with lots of handmade ornaments, mostly made from goose and duck eggs.


And here’s some of the ornaments I have made over the years

This one is a goose egg and topped and tailed with halved duck egg, then coated in oodles of glitter.  The picture is actually a silk print.  Trimmed with swarovski crystal chain, flowersoft and Wild Orchid Crafts open roses.


This is a goose egg, the picture is a waterslide transfer.  Again trimmed with swarovski crystal chain and WOC roses.


An umbrella from a goose egg (scallops were cut before decorating).  Also a little duck egg, I have loads of these on the tree, some with this stripy spiral look, others that look like Christmas puddings.


This goose egg I left fairly plain to show off the cut work (done with a little Dremel Drill and tiny little cutting discs).


And last I tarted up a pack of these cheap snowflakes using Wild Orchid Crafts flowers and leaves in purples and greens.  Love how these look on the tree.


Apologies for the photo-heavy post, but I am so thrilled with the tree I just had to share.  Thank you Balsam Hill for giving me the opportunity to review this awesome tree!


  1. Wow your tree looks gorgeous and love love your handmade ornaments. Maybe sometime you might do a tutorial on how you created them .

  2. Wow, love your ornaments! I have never tried making ornaments out of eggs, aren't they very fragile?

    1. Thank you. They are a lot tougher than you think! I use several layers of paint, plus the glue and glitter which all helps to strengthen the shells.

  3. Stunning baubles Bev your one talented lady and the tree looks so beautiful! xx

  4. Just beautiful.. what gorgeous ornaments and so love the tree.. Definitely doing this next year!

  5. Gorgeous ornaments! I'm envious of your talent. I, too, have a Balsam Hill tree. Unfortunately, it arrived slightly discolored on some of the branches (it's a white tree) but they stand behind their products and they're sending me a completely new tree and I don't even have to bother with sending this one back!

  6. Stunnning tree such fabulous decorations love and hugs Carole x

  7. WOW!! Beautiful Tree.. And your homemade ornaments are Stunning!!

  8. Amazing tree Bev, your decorations are out of this world. A happy Christmas to you and yours and a great New Year.
    Rene from OZ xo

  9. What a lovely bushy tree - there is nothing worse that a tree that is very sparse and doesn't look like it will stand up to being decorated...this one looks fabulous. It is also a perfect backdrop for your beautiful ornaments.
    Toni xx

  10. Omg what can I say what a fabulous looking tree but your fantastic ornaments are just the best, you are so talented and I love to see your work it's such an inspiration. wishing you and your family a wonderful christmas xx

  11. Stunning - perfect made - wonderful !!!!
    LG Helga

  12. Oh my goodness Bev, thisis beautiful. I absolutely LOVE all your stunning ornaments, they´re sooo gorgeous and really amazing in every little detail.
    I hope, you and your family will have a wondeful Christmas and very Happy New Year too. Looking forward to see lots more of your beautiful work in the new year again.

  13. Bev you are so truly talented have a Great Christmas and New Year
    Hugs from Sam xxx

  14. Fabulous tree and creations. Wishing you and you family a Merry Christmas Ginny x

  15. You've done absolutely amazing ornaments! Totally gorgeous!! We just carried yesterday the tree in, I love the smell of fresh tree and how beautiful it is with the candles. Today is the decorating - though mine aren't as fancy as yours ;D
    Merry Xmas to you and your family and greetings from snowy Finland!

  16. I love the transformation....
    Happy Holidays

  17. a beautiful tree indeed and love the decorations.

  18. Beautiful decorations Bev. Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas.

  19. Your tree is gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE your handmade decorations!! I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Do you make any goose egg ornaments for sale?


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