Sunday, 11 August 2013

Update of sorts and thanks

Firstly thank you for the many many emails, cards and phone calls that I have received, you all are truly amazing and so thoughtful.
  Things have not been good at all, and gradually have been getting worse (if that was at all possible).  I seem to be getting nowhere fast and am fed up with being shunted from doctor to doctor.  One of the medications that I am on has now been doubled but I have to titrate this over a 4 week period so hopefully in another month I will start to see the light (else I am so going to jump off of that Tyne Bridge, no joke!).  So, I am still around and will try and make a start back in my craft room again over the coming weeks, providing I can sit in here for a decent period of time.
Before I sign off, I have a fabulous give away to do sometime in the next couple of weeks and also a review to do for Daylight Lamp Company so do keep an eye out for this, the give away is flipping awesome, and I should have done it a couple of weeks ago but I have just not been up to it.
Thanks again Smile