Friday, 7 December 2012

Off to the Lakes

Whoop whoop, I am heading off to the Lakes today for a visit and tour of The Paper Mill.  There are four crafty bloggers going to spend the day there, and we’re even going to get to make our own paper. 


It’s no secret I love their card and paper, I have been using it since I first started making cards and was so pleased I could still buy the card from them direct after their shops closed down, so guess who is going to stock up again today hahaha.  Defo taking hubby’s car cuz the boot is huge and I am to fill it.

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?  The picture was taken from the Paper Mill Blog


I should have some photo’s to share when I get back tomorrow (going to get me some shopping in tomorrow before we head back home.


  1. Wow!! Lucky you Bev, have fun and i can't wait to see more pics!!
    Hugs Hazel xx

  2. WOUW that sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you´ll have a wonderful time, and I´ll look forward to see a lot more pics from you later, but just concentrate of having fun now the next couple of days and don´t overspend too much ha ha ha.

  3. Ooh that sounds fab, have fun and tell us more after your visit.

  4. Sounds like an amazing place, thanks for the link so I can explore it from so far away . (Australia)

  5. Lucky you.

    I used to go to the actual mill (one pictured) to buy all my card from them before they shut the shop part of it. Amazing little factory in a lovely location.
    Not to far from Kendal either where there is another large craft shop but for me a little pricey.
    Have a lovely day


  6. OMG.. that sounds fantastic.. I hope you girls will have a great time.. And you better stock up.. Cause you certainly make a lot of Cards Bev..

    Enjoy the time there.. I think it sounds fantastic to make your own paper. :o)

  7. Have a lovely time.I'm sure you'll have a fab time.Enjoy.Hugs Debbie x

  8. Have a great day today. Goodluck with stocking up.


  9. Id love to go. All my card pretty much was papermill but there isn't the range of colours now that there was in the shops and I don't like not being able to feel and look at it before buying. Not found a good replacement supplier either yet. they did a textured biscuit colour one once - I got a good few sheets but how I wish id got a boxful then as I've not seen anything like it since.

    Enjoy your day. Should you take a trailer maybe?

  10. Hope you have a great day Bev, I am envious. Smiles.
    I used to love the shop at the Metro Centre. I get it from the online store now, butI would love to go there, it is not same when you can't touch it.
    Hugs Marjorie. xx

  11. Hope you have a great time, kids in sweet shops springs to mind lol !

  12. How lucky are you? Hope you have a great day and buy loads and loads of goodies. Pat x

  13. Have a great time, it sounds brilliant!
    I would love to go there.
    Love, Mel. xxx

  14. I hope you have a good time Bev, it sounds like fun!

    Hugs Sue

  15. Hope you have a great time - paid a visit there a couple of years ago but didn't realise at the time they were going to close their shops or I would have bought more supplies!

  16. Sounds like fun Bev i do so miss the papermill shops to buy my card as I find the postage expensive for my small needs.Pic looks fab look forward to hearing how it went enjoy.


  17. Waw this is such a magical place, hope you have a lot of fun. Hugs! Mojca

  18. Lucky you!!!
    This is where I've bought my card from for years. I buy it on-line a huge mega box at a time LOL Brilliant quality xXx

  19. Have a safe journey, Bev and a wonderful time!


  20. Have a great day Bev, looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Have a safe trip.

  21. Lucky you I used to live close enough to visit regularly as I love their card and paper too. In fact I'm still using the supplies I bought 2 years ago before we had to move south with hubbies job.
    Have a great time
    Jackie x

  22. Amazing--How fun this will be!!!!!
    ENJOY Bev~~You lucky ducky :D

  23. Hi Bev
    The Lakes is my most favourite place in the U.K i have been sooooo many times and love it, hope you have a fantastic time, the lakes, friends and paper, what more can you ask for? love it, hugs, Vick xxx

  24. What a beautiful photo Bev, there were so many places we didn't get to see on our holiday in Britain, it is a beautiful country. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me.
    Rene from OZ xo

  25. hope you have a great day amongst all that goodness

  26. love their card too.I Buy the big boxes of white linen.


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