Saturday, 17 November 2012

New fabric daisies give away

Woohoo!!!  The new Fabric Daisies are now in stock at Wild Orchid Crafts (you can find them here).  To celebrate WOC are giving away a pack of each colour to one lucky winner, you can go and enter at the Wild Orchid Crafts Blog 

Priced at £1.20 for a bunch of 10 they are a total STEAL so if you want them go fill ya boots now, I think they are going to fly.  Just been and ordered mine hee hee.  I love a bargain!



  1. Thanks for sharing. They look lovely. Off to try my luck at WOC...

  2. Love them i've ordered 3 different colours! amongst other things, lol...well its rude not to isnt it? thanks for the heads up Bev, ive been waiting patiently for these

  3. They are Beautiful!!! :o)

  4. They are gorgeous! Thanks for letting us know, Bev!

  5. ooh they are gorgeous, thanks for the heads up! xx

  6. Fabulous new flowers:)
    Big hug and happy weekend:)


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