Friday, 19 October 2012

“Pap your pooch competition!”

This is very very dear to my heart and it’s one of the animal charities I support and sponsor, so I hope all doggie lovers will take the time to read this and even better take part. Smile


Blue Cross Big Neutering Campaign - It’s time to pap your pooch!

Do you believe we are still a nation of animal lovers? Does your dog come from a happy home and have a healthy life?

If so, then it’s time to pap your pooch! Share a photo of your dog and you could be in with a chance of winning a professional photoshoot for your dog or you both together.

Leading pet charity, Blue Cross, have launched this competition for dog lovers to share photos of their dogs and show that we are still a nation of animal lovers as the number of pets being dumped and abandoned reaches a record high. In response to the epidemic levels of ‘disposable’ puppies, kittens and pregnant pets Blue Cross have launched the Big Neutering Campaign. The campaign aims to stamp our irresponsible breeding and raise awareness among millions of animal lovers of the huge benefits of neutering their pets. Preventing unwanted litters can save pets from a life that’s often short, dangerous and full of misery.

Show your support and share your love of animals with our dog photography competition. To take part all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Take a photo of your pooch

2) Click on

3) Join the group

4) Click on ‘Add Photo’

5) Upload your photo onto Flickr

6) Include a comment with your dog’s name, breed and age


What could be easier?

You can also check out everyone else’s photos on Flickr and show your support of the campaign by tweeting with the hashtag #disposablepets.

Your picture will be judged by Dogs Today Editor Beverley Cuddy and the winner will be judged based on the best photograph of a dog that captures the sentiment ‘healthy life and a happy home’. The winning picture will then appear on Blue Cross’s website and in Blue Cross’s publication Blue Print. The four runners up will also receive £20 worth of goodies from the Blue Cross Shop!

Here’s the small print: the competition opens on Friday 19th October and all pictures must be submitted before midnight on Friday 16th November. The judge’s decision is final and your prize cannot be exchanged. There’s a full list of terms and conditions here

We’re really excited to see your pictures so get snapping and get sharing! And thank you for supporting the Blue Cross Big Neutering Campaign. You can also visit to find out more about the campaign or make a donation.

Good luck, and thank you!


  1. I've just added my dog Archie Bev. I can't believe how people can be so cruel to pets. Have you been watching Paul O'Grady's tv show from the Battersea Dogs Home. I think I've cried at nearly every episode.

  2. I love animals but unfortunately I lost my dog last year and haven't had the heart to get another at this stage- we adopted him at 6 mths 12 years before to save him from being put to sleep so I know the importance of the neutering program- keep up the good work.

  3. I adore animals!! I have grown up with animals all my life. I would love to adopt a dog, but with my work schedule, it really wouldn't be fair to the dog. So, until I can properly care for them, I am perfectly happy with my 2 kitties. It seems that I'm the go-to person if someone needs a home for animals. Of course, I can't say "no" and that's a huge reason why. I adopted my kittes from others who could no longer care for well as a chinchilla and a guinea pig who are no longer with me. :( But they had a long and happy life and brought me much joy. I support so many organizations that help furry friends...locally and online. You made my day with your post...knowing there are others who care for animals deeply and want to help them. With this global recession, it's not just people who are hurting...critters are too. While I don't have a photo (since I don't have a dog), I wanted to thank you for posting this!!!!

  4. Thanks for posting this lovely, I think it's a brilliant program, and I wish the world was full of animal lovers!!
    Love, Mel. xxx

  5. What a fab competition and great program. I have cats as my work hours make it unfair of me to have a dog but I love the way animals love you unconditionally, they are so rewarding.

    All my cards aside from the few I make for friends and family are donated to a local independent animal rescue charity to help raise funds. I've just finished a batch of choc filled milk cartons, snowman soup and reindeer poo for the shop - they were fun to make but I feel like I've done something useful with my hobby too.


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