Monday, 6 August 2012

WOC Candy re-draw

I have redrawn the WOC candy winner as the winner drawn last night had entered more than once and I have received a comment pulling me up about it.  I'm sorry, I missed the duplication - I used to spend hours removing duplicated entries but you know what?  I have a life!  

There were 673 entries, no-way have I got the time or the inclination to check each and every entry.  
So either people start entering only once or I stop the give aways, it's really that simple and I really can't be doing with the aggro.

So the new winner is 

Congratulations, please email me to claim your prize.  Please put WOC Weekly candy in the subject line


  1. Congratulations to Debbie T. Its a great feeling to see your name as the winner ( I to have been a winner in the past)Thanks Bev for all your generosity and I hope things improve with the names. Have a great day. Hugs Sheila.x

  2. I think you are more than generous giving away such regular and lovely candies. I know it's a pain when people deliberately enter more than once, but often people put in multiple entries by mistake, thinking their entry hasn't registered. I know that you know this, but the comment that was left about your first winner was OTT and quite unnecessary. I'm really sorry if you have been upset by someone's lack of tact - you don't deserve that, sweetie. Hugs, Tracey

  3. well done debbie , bev you are a lovely lady dont let one comment get to you , i think your very generous to do these give aways :) xxx

  4. Hi Bev, I feel sad that you have been put through unnecessary stress particularly as you do warn quite clearly about duplication. It does take a few seconds for names to pop up but anyone who blogs regularly will know that, I can only think it might be those not used to the system. I have won before and it would be a shame if you had to stop, but I for one, do understand your predicament. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  5. Hi I too have pressed the button twice not knowingly it's registered and I'm sorry its a genuine mistake and easy thing to do.I do think people should get a live,I do think most people have more to do then check the entry

  6. I'm sorry you've had this unnecessary stress. You are so generous giving away so many wonderful crafty treats and while I've never met you in real life, you are such a lovely lady!

  7. Congrat's to the new winner, x

  8. Someone has a lot of time on their hands if they go down that massive list of names!!!

  9. As Net said - somebody has a very boring life if they have the time to scroll that extremely long list. I always click F5 when I enter a comment or a giveaway - that way you know it has been entered. Congratulations to the new winner.

  10. Sorry about the double entry. I also totally agree. For someone to go behind you and COUNT entries is CRAZY. I think they were the sore loser! Your giveaways are ALWAYS awesome and we love them to have something to look forward to. Hopefully everyone can be more aware if they have entered and not hit the button twice. Hugs hugs hugs for you today Bev....

  11. Hi Bev, i totally agree with Tracey,i have done exactly that myself thinking entry hasnt registered, what a shame someone is so sad they do this,the prize is given by you with such generosity there is no need for such comments,keep on doing what you are Bev,Congratulations to winner and commiserations to the loser, luv Georginax

  12. Hi Bev, I echo the comment that said sometimes duplicate entries can happen by mistake, it has happened to me in the early days.

    No one surely, can expect you (or anyone) to individually check each and every entry . . . this would be unreasonable.

    So sorry that you have been upset by someone who has tactlessly complained . . . it is good of you to do as many giveaways as you do . . . please don't let one person spoil it for many.

    Deep breaths Bev. . . there's always one, lol !!!

    warmest wishes, Julie Ann x

  13. hiya sweetie
    it's not fair when people enter more than one's for the same candy, thank god i'm not one of those who do it
    thanks for the chance sweetie
    and congrats to debbie, have fun hun
    hugs angelique

  14. Oh Bev I know what you mean! You are such a generous lady and of course you dont have time to go through names! and please dont be disheartened by one persons comment... you had WHAT 673 entries...thats huge- to get one complaining person- I wouldnt worry 'cause, quiet frankly, you cant please them all! thankyou for the wonderful opportunities you given everyone, I have never won, but when I read the excitement in peoples comments you know its all worth it! Take care XOX Tania

  15. Hi Bev
    As you know I don't comment very often, but wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and not to let silly comments upset you.
    Like people have said in earlier comments, a person must have a lot of time on their hands to check all the names.
    Thanks for all your magical inspiration.
    Keep smiling
    Decsnan x

  16. Hi Bev
    Congratulations to this weeks winner. I can't believe that anyone has the time to check how many entries other people put in. You're incredibly generous with your candies and I hope people learn to respect your generosity in the future and only enter once.
    Many thanks
    Caz x

  17. I think part of the problem comes from some people not being aware that it can take time for their name to show on the page & that you sometimes have to refresh it a few times to see it. Unless of course the duplicates are indeed deliberate, as usually Frogger flags up if you try to put the exact details in twice (had it happen to me when I couldn't find my name & tried to do it!). x

  18. Hi Bev - I'm glad I have seen this because when I put my link (the very first time I have done this) on the LOTV site I wondered where my name was. I did try again but I think there was a message saying I had already entered so I didn't re-enter.

    Hugs Sue P xxx

  19. Oh dear really don't need that do you! Thanks for always being so generous not just with giveaways but with your help/time. I am a better card maker because of you :0) Hugs,
    Jane x

  20. Hi Bev dont let this get to you I know it will as it makes your hobby much harder when you have to check errors like this and time is something you have not got,it is not hard for us, to take time to check it has gone through correctly Doris take care

  21. Hi Bev.
    I am a great follower of yours.
    Iv'e never seen a blog as generous as yours with give-aways and candy.
    You are a such a generous lady I can see you are upset and you don't deserve to be.
    Take care and big, big hugs.

  22. Hey Bev

    I too like you, like to have a life and have far more important things to do with my time then go through a massive list of names to see if it has been duplicated.

    See ya soon.

    Hazel xx

  23. You are more than generous Bev with the beautiful candy that you offer on a regular basis so it’s not surprising that so many people enter each time. I agree with others that it’s up to you how you deal with it and that people should abide by your very clear rules…..on the other hand you certainly don’t need others picking you up just because you miss a duplicate name once in a while. I for one would never have noticed.

    Oh, and well done Debbie, enjoy your prize.

    Sue H

  24. Hi Bev, I can't believe the nerve of some people. You're kind enough to share your true talent, with some goodies thrown in, and people think they have the right to complain?! Shame on them!
    Fiona xx

  25. don't let someone elses drama get to you, Bev. You are above that. when you draw a name, just check for that persons duplicates. Use the 'Find' function on your computer and search for the name. And every one should remember that emotions can be so misunderstood in writing without the tonal additions of sound. We all really do appreciate the talent you share with us, and the generosity of the sweets you give away...! Hugs

  26. Please don't let the silliness of others spoil your blog enjoyment - your blog is fabulous and we all get so much enjoyment out of your lovely posts, candy or not! Take care. xx

  27. Congrats Debbie!!

    Sorry you've had trouble about this. You have been very generous.

  28. Congrats Debbie, enjoy x

    Bev, I don't blame you in what you are saying. The rules are not that hard to follow!!

    hugs sally x

  29. Is there some sort of way that duplicate entries would be "kicked out" automatically? Maybe you can utilize some sort of system like that to help. Of course some ingenious person would think of a way around that too. There are some sites that allow you to vote or enter more then once so maybe some are confused.

  30. I second Flossbite's comment. I can't believe that someone has the gall to complain when you, out of generosity, offer up freebies. I hope that everyone's comments today has put them to shame. If they have an ounce of decency they would email you back to apologise.
    I sometimes do freebie crafts for kids when promoting Girlguiding and I don't know what is about freebies that makes people so greedy and ungrateful but I have seen some appalling behaviour. These type of people are not your true followers Bev. Most of us are just happy that you share your talent with us - the freebies are just a bonus so please don't let it get you down.x

  31. Hi Bev, my heart sank when I saw this. Your blog bursts with the joy of creativity and your loyal followers want this to solely be a happy place for you. Your generosity is icing on the crafty cake and it's unbelievable that negativity has seeped in. I am glad you no longer waste hours deleting duplications, as time is precious. Thank you for sharing your talent and joy with us. :o)

    Hugs and blessings!

  32. Hi,some people can be quite rude at times,being new to blogging I have inadvertently entered my name twice,but I have received a message telling me I have already submitted an entry.Blogging has opened up a whole new world to my crafting because of the likes of yourself sharing your talents and giving up your time into doing so.I would just like to sat a big thank you for doing so ,and for your generosity in giving us the chance to get our hands on the candy you so kindly offer.Keep smiling :) jacqueline.S

  33. Bev, I admire your work and your generosity and so sorry to hear you have been hurt. Some people just do not stop to think before they act. I do not enter these candies as I live in Australia and would not expect you to have to post across the ocean! I just love seeing your work in our Aussie stamping magazine!

  34. aaaawww are always so sweet to hold these drawings. It really must be a big pain sometimes.

    I figure if someone enters twice it's probably by accident & no biggie. I meaning........really! Why would someone be upset about that. My goodness. I do not expect you to spend hours sifting thru hundreds & hundreds of names to find duplicates (it would be great if they could come up with a way to automatically delete duplicate entries).
    Anywho........I for one certainly appreciate your kindness & generosity. You're the best! Don't let the negative ones get you down sweetie! We love you!
    Huggies ~

  35. Bev, I love your work, your generosity and talent. Your blog has been an inspiration for me and I have used your video tutorials for help all the time. You are a beautiful, kind and generous crafter and share your talent and freebies with all. I totally agree with Frostbite's comment and Shame, Shame on them for making you feel this way.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us,
    Dona Mac

  36. Bev you are very generous in giving us the chance to win a prize. Please don't get stressed out.Sending Hugs (((((xXx)))))

  37. Everyone has already said it! We love your site, all the ideas and your generosity! Today is a new day and thank you for giving someone else a chance. It is a shame if the double entry was a mistake - she missed a great opportunity but I guess she won't make that mistake again!

  38. congrats to Debbie T. Bev your generosity is amazing and your talents the same- don't let one who suffers jealousy for not winning upset you- we all know you are a very talented and generous to a fault-if I don't see my name up I usually take note of the last number and then check back later and start from that number to see if my name is down- i do that several times and then it's usually up maybe even up to 30 numbers away from the starting number.
    Thank you for your talents, inspiration and generosity. Keep up the great work.

  39. Hi Bev, I can only share all the comments already been said here. Don´t let one jealous person ruin it for the lot. I admit, I have also added twice one time, as it didn´t even show up after refreshing twice, but I appologized in the comments then asnd asked to have one removed again, so people knew, I wasn´t going to cheat, and if this lady thinks that, then she maybe should try and get a life herself, cause most of us do have other things to do than sit on the computer and check on everybody else, so maybe she should go and actually do some crafting instead, it could remove her grumpy mood and temper a bit, I´m sure.
    Don´t worry Bev, we´re many who just loves everything you do and loves your incredible work you sooo kindly share with us all the time, and we´ll still be with you no matter what you decide to do in the future too. We all apreciate it very very much hun, and know how much work, you put into this.
    Have a wonderful week ahaead hun and lots of fun I hope.

  40. Congratulations Debbie!

    Bev, you have been extremely generous and I'm ashamed for those who enter more than once. Thank you for sharing your talents and your candies with us.

  41. I would like to say thank you for the time and effort that you put into the candy give a ways, i also have a life and would not have time to go through that amount of names!!!!
    I love your Blog and visit most days gail xxxx

  42. You are generous with your give always, shame it is causing so much aggro, can't understand why people leave nasty comments or try it on with more than one entry. Have a hug Bee

  43. Good Morning Bev:
    I wish you did not even have candy - your work is candy enough for all the viewers. Every time I open your e-mail I so thrilled what I see. Your work is impeccable. I say every time I open your blog that i do not understand how you can get this all done and WORK outside the home. Please at least keep showing your work. I love it.
    Marcie from the United States.

  44. Hi Bev

    I know I e-mailed you personally, but I wanted to make my views known. Whoever pulled you up needs to get a life! They obviously have nothing better to do than sit and go through the names. Can I suggest they use their time more wisely like doing charity work. Some of us work, are carers and still do charity work. I am pleased that someone has won irrespective of possibly a mistake! You inspire me almost everyday to enable me to sell my cards for good causes, to which I thank you. Hugs xx

  45. Hi hun,
    I've been out of blogland for a little while, and only a couple of my DT things have made it recently.

    I'm very sorry to come back and see this.

    Big hugs to you sweetie. Keep your chin up and know that we are all (most of us) behind you all of the way.

    Love your blog for the pure inspiration and awe you bring me sweetie. Even when my hands are too sore to sit and type you a comment.. I'm still here lurking and oohing & ahhing over your awesome creations..

    Hugs n love,
    Krafty Karen.xx

  46. Congrats to the winner- so fun to stop by and see all of the fun giveaways- and to see your wonderful cards!!!

  47. My apologies for entering my name 3 times. It wasn't on purpose. I was signing up but it wasn't showing as usual. I think it is lovely to be able to enter for a blog candy, I never expect to win but I'm happy to see anyone win. Keep up the good work Bev

  48. Dearest Bev,
    I have been unable to get to the pc for days with all the upheavel at home (still going on but I had to take a break)
    I am at a loss to understand the thoughtless words written to you in the comments. The lady that won the Candy in the original draw may truly have forgotten that she had entered, as I myself did once (luckily noticed before the draw and had it removed). Because of the insensitivity of one poor loser, that lady could have lost out through no real fault of her own.
    Bev, I hope you will see from the wonderful comments you have received here, that your true followers who come to see your work feel BLESSED to have the chance of Candy. I am among the MAJORITY, if you stopped the candy I would still be here. We appreciate your giveaways, but we appreciate your skill even more!
    Please don't be upset, as many have stated, there is always at least one bad egg.
    Take heart. Linda x

  49. Your generosity is outstanding Bev, and I actually can't believe some people's nerve! It's your candy, you can give the prize to whoever you decide lol - everyone loves you and I for one think you are the most generous amazing cardmaker ever - so please don't listen to people's rubbish :)

    Tags xx

  50. Dear Bev First off I would like to Thank You for giving Blog Candy and Sharing your talent with all of us. I check your blog everytime I turn my computer on and Just Love what you do with Copic's I have learned so much and appriciate it. Also would like to thank you for the chance to win, I play all of the time and never thought I would get that lucky. I would also like to Thank all the Lovely Ladies that have Congratulated me. I also agree please don't let negetive stuff get you down you are very generous and we do appreciate you! Thanks Again

  51. Congrats Debbie!

    Aww Bev don't let some small minded person(s) spoil all the fun and enjoyment people get from your very generous giveaways. The time you take to post and share is very time consuming and lets not forget all the wonderful cards you make and the family ou look after and the work you do.
    To expect you to administrate the hundreds of entries you get is just ridiculous and those who think you should need to get out more!
    Cum'on ladies its a bot of fun! ...... it's not the lottery!
    Be thankful for Bev even considering to post these wonderful opportunites - don't lose the fun that it should be.

    Thanks Bev


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