Saturday, 25 August 2012

A plea for a poorly little lady

Afternoon lovely ladies, I read this plea on Donalda’s blog earlier today and it just broke my heart. Little Alana is only 9 years old and is battling a rare form of leukaemia.  Could you spare the time to send this gorgeous little lady a card to cheer her up?  If so you can contact Donalda here for the address to send the card to.  There but by the grace of God ……

Thanks for taking the time to read this xxxx



  1. l have sent for the address details Bev and l'm sure there will be lots only willing to send cards xx

  2. Count me in. I'll email for the addy as well. Thanks for sharing. xx

  3. Hi Bev I have email for the Addy hugs Ginny x

  4. Me too, hope the cards will help, she looks like a very brave little girl.

  5. I'm in,I 'll go get the addy, thanks Bev.xx

  6. I'm in too. Have sent for the Addy. Hugs Sheila.x

  7. Thanks for sharing this Bev, just popping to ask for Email now.
    Makes me realise how lucky I am!

    Hugs Sue

  8. this poor little sweety,only to pleased to send a card.thanks for letting us know abouti it bev.xx

  9. Evening Bev,
    Thank you for sharing this ...I will get in touch with Donalda.
    Makes you feel quite humble when you hear about other people's plights.
    susan x

  10. I tried to send for address but not sure I got it right. If you have it, could you post it for all of us to have. Thanks.

  11. What a wee soul! Have got her address and will glady sent a card, hope she receives many get well wishes. Anne T

  12. I got the address and will send a card now.
    Alana Johnson
    % Terry Johnson
    903 Miami Blvd.
    Kokomo, Indiana 46902


  13. Will post a card ASAP. What a beautiful girl (& sweet dog!). Ali x

  14. I have emailed Donalda Bev, my prayers are with little Alana. XOX Lucy

  15. Ahhh, what a sweetie. Looks like she has a sister as well. My family has been struck by lightening twice - my daughter was born with heart defects and went through many hospitalizations, heart surgeries, etc and passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago and my sister's son passed away from a rare form of brain cancer two years prior to my daughter's death.

    My sister and I completely understand what life is like 'living' at the hospital with one child while trying to care for others who are at home. It is stressful on the siblings as well as the sick child... so I would recommend sending the siblings a little note too so they don't feel left out.

    Bev, you are such a sweetie for asking for cards for this young lady. I'm going to contact Donalda and see how many cards I should send. <3

  16. It sounds like there are lots of wonderful crafters who would love to help a poorly little lady. If anyone is interested, there is a UK charity called Post Pals There is a big list of lots of children with various serious illnesses, and the sorts of things they like and are interested in. The charity aims to send lots of cards, letters, small gifts, etc to put smiles on all these poorly children's faces. There are forwarding addresses for each child and info about their families too, including siblings so they don't feel left out! Just thought I'd mention it as so many seem willing to help - it's so sad to say it but there are an awful lot of poorly children out there.


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