Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Meant to be and thank you

Before I get on to todays’ card I just want to thank all the lovely caring people that have messaged and emailed me about my hubby – you really are the best.  He’s doing well thank you, the surgery was, in the consultant’s words, very difficult but they got a great result and managed to avoid any fractures during the surgery.  I was not in a good place yesterday but after seeing him last night – pain free for the first time in a long, long time (he was uncomfortable as is to be expected after what he went through yesterday … but none of that unbearable pain he has been in for so long.)  He was bright and chipper, something I would not have been after a 3 hour anaesthetic and was even demanding his grub at tea time lol.  So tomorrow the rehabilitation begins (and the pain I guess) but he is determined to be walking by the weekend to come home!  Go Tony!!  This place is way too big and empty without him here.
So on to today’s card – I chose the stamp because of it’s name “Meant to be”.  And now I am going to go all soppy on you (not something that happens very often lol) but I believe Tony and I were meant to be so I went with this stamp.  It’s from the new release that is on sale from today at Lili of the Valley.  I say this every time but I have really loved working with this release although have not posted much on my blog as most of the work I have done with this release can’t be shown yet.
The delish paper is Pink Paislee London Market – what a job I had trying to get hold of this paper because I could not wait for it to be available in the UK lol.  Me and patience are never in the same sentence lol.
The image has been coloured with copics and pencils (mainly black and cool grey 90% to give a vintage look).
Hair (her) E59, 57, 51; (him) E57, 53, 51, 50
Skin: E11, 00, 000, 0000, R20
Turquoise: E11, E10, E70 muted turquoise and cool grey pencils
Shirt E42, 41, 40 and black pencil
Pink: R83, 81, RV000, 0000 Tuscan red and black pencils
Grass: G85, 46, 43, 20 YG63, 61 and olive pencil
The seam binding, doily and flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.  I used trellis rose25mm wild rose, 20mm roses, 15mm roses, 10mm roses and I also added a cameo and silver cord (both are now on the WOC website).  I looped bits of the cord and added them behind the flowers for a bit of subtle bling – me subtle?? Never lol.
The die cut corners are from the Whimsy Corner Die Set.


  1. Really sorry to hear about Tony, I did not realise ... just relieved to hear that the surgery went well and I wish you both all the best for speedy recovery and may the weekend come by sooner with your life partner at your side at home.
    Lots of hugs
    PS: Another beautiful creation once again.

  2. This card is just sooooo gorgeous Bev. I love how you´ve made it look. I agree with you, some things ARE meant to be and I´m sooo glad to hear, that your hubby is doing soo fine, so I´m pretty sure, he will be home this week-end then, and good luck to both of you with the further rehabilitation now, but I´m sure, it´ll go just fine. I just went to hospital for my last check after the same surgery this monday and it was just fine, and I´m sure, he´ll do just as fine too, so good luck to him and you.

  3. Days like you had yesterday are like no other but now you can see its getting better for him you'll feel better too, you obvoiusly put your heart into that lovely little card -its gorgeous and obviously ....meant to be, hugs Judith x

  4. Wonderful card and great that your Tony's surgery went well. Hope he'll be home soon and recovers quickly. Wish you both the best!!
    grtz. Colien

  5. bev hun your card is fabulous, that paper is sooo yummy and i love lotv boys and girls stamps, they are awesome.
    So pleased to hear Tony is doing well,huge hugs for you hun, I bet you are so relieved its the worst part sorted.
    Lou xxx

  6. Wishing Tony all the best Bev. What a beautiful card, just love the softness thereof. Like what you did with the silver thread. hugs Sharon x

  7. The news about hubby is great and I'm sure he will be up and about as he intends - thinking of you both.

    The card is delightful and the sentiment behind it just perfect.

    Toni xx

  8. So glad that hubby is doing so well and hope he is up and about soon. Gorgeous card, I posted this image yesterday. Would love a tutorial on the grass yours looks fab.

  9. Such a relief Bev, your card just says it're real soulmates, it's a very beautiful card and touching post. Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery and you a fab crafty day. Ruby x

  10. Good morning hun, So glad to hear everything went well with your hubby..he sounds a very determined man so I'm sure he will be up and running before you know it:) You take care, big hugs to you both:)..stunning card by the way lol!!

  11. Great news about Tony Bev hope he continues to improve and is soon back home with you where he will recover better...Yourcard is beautiful such a lovley image and love the cameo and and ribbona lovely touch.

  12. Hi Bev, Love this new stamp and the colours you used. As usual your card is beautiful. Wishing your hubby a speedy and pain free recovery. Take care. xxx

  13. Hi Bev soo glad that Tony is doing well such a worrying time and I know you know we are all thinking of you both !!!! all us blogger are a big family of friends and so many of us have worries and fears and help each other through difficult times thank goodness for this wonderful the card and the feelings behind the making of it take care Margaret MP

  14. Dear Bev, So glad to hear the surgery went well, speedy recover Tony x x..
    Your card says it all.. you both are soulmates, Beautiful card Bev,
    hopefully Tony will be home with you this weekend, Hugs May x x x

  15. Hi Bev
    Wishing your Tony a speedy recovery and a pain free life
    Your card is beautiful as usual! Hope you have a better day today xx

  16. Beautiful card Bev, love the papers, just gorgeous.
    all the best to Tony, hope he recovers quickly to come home...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  17. Wat een schitterende kaart Bev.

    Liefs Riet.xx

  18. What a sweet card
    hugs Linda

  19. Good thing to hear the surgery went well! Hope everything will be fine soon, I wish your hubby all the best in recovering! Love this pretty cards, very sweet image and love the cameo. Hugs, Hanneke

  20. Piękny stempel . taki romantyczny i wiosenny .
    Kartka super :)
    Pozdrawiam Mili

  21. Gorgeous card Bev.Glad to hear the surgery went well. With your care and determination he will bounce back in no time.Big hugs to you both Sheila.x

  22. Simply stunning card as usual Bev. I adore the colours you have used. Can't wait for mine to arrive, lol, ordered it at 12.10am.
    Glad to hear Tony is doing well, it sounds as if he had similar surgery to mine of 3 years ago, I haven't looked back since. It gave me a new lease of life and I hope the same can be said for him.
    Eileen x

  23. Gorgeous card Bev. So pleased all went well with Tony's operation. I'm sure he will soon be back at home with you. Pat x

  24. Hi Bev
    beautiful card (as always). I'm so pleased that everything went well yesterday, this week WILL drag until he's back home with you.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  25. Oh Bev,
    I am so pleased Hubby is on his way to recover. I love your Card as always. The sweetness of this image is wonderful.

  26. Beautiful card!

    Very good news about your husband.

    I wish you all the best.

  27. Hi Bev, absolutely stunning card, such a wonderful image!
    So glad your Tony is ok, it's so worrying when a loved one is ill.
    I hope you have him back with you very soon.
    Hugs Cheryl

  28. Bev, it is so lovely to have good news, hope Tony keeps improving and comes home at the weekend. Beautiful card, it says it all really.

  29. Hi Bev, firstly glad everything went well with your hubby, all up-hill from here.
    secondly LOVE this card the image is gorgeous and the colours are stunning.
    love jan x

  30. Your card is beautiful inside and out and love the reason you made it. Tell Tony we wish him all the best. Edna

  31. You can get all soppy with us anytime you want!! Glad to hear that the surgery went well and isn't this just the PERFECT choice of an image for you both~~ I'd frame it and put it where you will see it every day... just beautiful! Tell Tony good luck with his rehab!!!!

  32. Beautiful card but GREAT news for Tony!!!
    Love and blessings
    Mary lou

  33. Truly an adorable card, love everything about it. Glad to hear that Tony's surgery went well and hoping for a speedy recovery and he's back home with you and your pups by this weekend.
    hugs, Ruth Ann

  34. This is wonderful as always Bev. I love the embellishment and these images are just sooooo adorable.
    i am glad all went well for your hubby yesterday.. It is so nice to hear that you and your husband were made for each other. I think that about my hubby too. but you dont hear many people say that about their partners..
    Hope all goes well with the rehabilitation. fingers crossed he will be back on his feet for the weekend. Take care both of you.
    hugs Kelly

  35. So glad to hear that hubby is on the mend. He'll be up and about before you know it.

    Absolutely beautiful card as well, love it! ~♥~

  36. I'm so glad to hear that your hubby's surgery went well & he is recovering. I'm sure he'll be walking about back home again in no time.

    Stunning card, as always :-)

    Nandita x

  37. Such a beautiful card in everyway Bev...

    Glad to hear your o/h is doing so well,hope he has a very speedy recovery.xx

  38. Hi Bev,
    Sorry to hear your OH was in hospital, I hope he is up and about soon, ( I worked in Physio for 12yrs so I am sure he will be!!!)
    Your card is just beautiful, I am now going over to LOV to grab that stamp, if they have any left.

  39. Such a gorgeous card made with my favorite color & green. You did a lovely job on it, Bev!

    I'm so glad to hear that your hubby's surgery went well. My daughter had spinal fusion last week & then had to have a blood transfusion. We just brought her home yesterday & she's in a lot of pain but doing reasonably well all things considered. I pray that your hubby's recovery is quick.

    Huggies & Blessings ~

  40. Beatiful, Bev - love the way you've combined all the elements!
    I hope Tony is going from strength to strength!
    Diane x

  41. Hi Bev so glad Tony you both now need to take it easy glad Tony,s opp went well he will soon be up and about it is his nature and also you must take life slower yes this is a Bev and Tony card it is beautiful so well done Hugs Doris

  42. wishing your hubby a very speedy recovery and sending you both bug hugs
    Gorgeous card x

  43. Oh Bev! God is blessing the two of you! I didn't know Tony was injured...and still don't know how. But, I understand on going pain...I have had it for 15 I am so happy that Your Honey had great results with the surgery...and I say "Go for it, Tony!" As far as the PT. It takes time I am afraid. The PT. But, your "soppy" story shows that you will be there for each other. I am so happy for you. This card is very beautiful. And, I love the little couple! The cameo caught my eye. But, right now, I am thanking God for blessing the both of you, and I will continue to pray that Tony will make great strides in his recovery.

    Can't you stay in his room in a pull out or recliner? I've done that here in the US. I don't think you could bring your cavaliers!

  44. Bev, sorry to hear about Tony but happy all is going better than expected. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for a speedy recovery.

    Your card is absolutly beautiful!

  45. So glad your hubby is doing ok and in a lot less pain. It really touched me when you said that you were meant to be.Beautiful card and I love the stamp.Take care.Hugs Debbie x

  46. I'm so delighted to hear that your Hb's surgery went so well Bev. Please send him the best of get well thoughts. So now...the only way is up! I love your card and it's sentiments, bless you both.
    Jane x

  47. Wow! Bev this card is absolutely gorgeous. love the colours and especially how you have coloured the grass. Would love to see a tutroial on this.
    All the best on Tony's recovery and I am sure you can't wait to spoil him. Good luck to you both.
    Take Care

  48. Hi Bev,
    A fabulous card today showcasing one of the beautiful LOTV images.
    It is truly lovely to hear of couples that felt they were meant to be and then proved it. Congrats to you both.
    I truly hope hubby is up and about soon and back where he belongs with you, where we all know he will probably recover faster.
    It is go good to know he is seeing improvement already, I hope it is speedy.
    Take care Linda

  49. Im soooo pleased everything has worked out well me darlink, and I cand imagine your big house feelin gempty without him, miond you have all those beautiful doggies keeping you company, but it will be lovely for you to have Tony home hun, aww soppy date, im busy colouring this one up, Bev you really suit the red hat lol hope your ok hun huggies June xxxx

  50. Absolutley beautiful card Bev and I am so pleased the Tony is on the mend.

  51. Wishing Tony a very speedy recovery from his surgery. Hope his pain through recovery is minimal and that he will be walking as he hopes.
    I just love your card today and wish you and Tony many, many more years of joy together.

  52. Hi Bev
    Glad to hear your hubby's operation went well, it must be such a relief for you too and wishing him well for a speedy recovery :)
    And this card is so beautiful too, I love the gorgeous colours 'n' papers :)

  53. So glad to hear that your hubby is on the mend. Gorgeous card Bev, love it!

  54. Great news that the surgery on Tony went well! Sorry I haven't been around lately and therefor I missed some things. I hope he can walk in no time without pain!

    I do love this card and the intention behind it. The fab papers, cute stamp and gorgeous colouring by you, lovely flowers and the silver cord looks really subtle ^-^

    Hugs Yolanda

  55. Hi Bev, so glad the surgery went well, it's always a relief when it's over, and I'm sure with his determination and your TLC things will improve steadily.
    You are allowed a slushy moment or two and this card says it all. Gorgeous image, coloured to perfection and the embellishments are fab.
    Hugs Sue W.

  56. So Glad to hear that Tony is doing well know exactly how you felt Tuesday. But glad it is over for both of you and that you will be soon looking forward to a wonderful time again. Marie

  57. Sending healing thoughts your way for your hubby Bev. I hope he finds his feet again really soon and the rehab goes well. One step at a time sure and steady.

    Love tonight's card. Lovely paper and beautiful colour scheme. Another inspiring make. I find it amazing that you can come up with something so different every time! You're so inspiring!! With all the strain you've been under too!!!
    Hugs, Wendy x

  58. This is so adorable, love it. Hope your Tony is recovering well.

  59. Glad to hear Tony is doing well and asking for his tea. That is always a relief when they are hungry and you know they are on the mend. Love this card. The image is so right, meant to be, your colouring is gorgeous.

  60. I just love the way you painted the grass,so spring looking tender greens

  61. great news that the surgery went well bev ,
    I hope tony makes a speedy recovery and that he is not in too much pain.enjoy having him home again
    tracey x

  62. This card is a dream!
    hugs Sibylle x

  63. Bev, this card is absolutely gorgeous and so very inspired... I thought about you and your sweetheart so often throughout the day and am glad to hear it went well. His rainbow is surely coming! :o) Love and blessings to you both! (And lots of hugs.)

    Hugs and blessings!

  64. Glad to hear everything went well. Your card is another gorgeous beauty and the stamp is awesome. Hugs.

  65. I do hope your hubby is ok Bev, I did not realise he was so unwell.
    He will be home before you know it x

    Your card is just perfect x

    hugs sally x

  66. I am so glad Tony's surgery went well and he is is now in a lot less pain.
    Gorgeous card, love those papers they really are delish!
    Kim xXx

  67. Such a lovely card and I love the details!

  68. Oh darling Icould just imagine you with the hat and Tony laid on the grass with his new hip! Defo Meant to be!

    Big Hugs


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