Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Copic/Promarker Storage for those that have been asking …..

Ever since I posted pictures of my new craft room I have had loads of emails asking where I got my Marker storage from.  Well, a friend got it for me (thanks sweetie mwah xxx) but the company that was selling them stopped doing so as a stand alone unit and if you want the MDF case you need to buy it complete with markers (not even sure what markers they are – never heard of them before).  I was gutted as I wanted a second one to house my Promarkers so I could have both sets of markers on my desk but could not justify paying a £100 odd just for the MDF case, currently my Promarkers and Flexmarkers are housed in a bag.

Well, last night on Facebook I stumbled across THESE!!!!!  Whoop whoopeee dooooo.  And of course I went for the BIG BOY lol, that way I can hopefully house all my Copics and some of my Promarkers/Flexmarkers with the rest in my original box.  Aren’t they fab!!

marker storage 0041

storage boxes 6 jan 2012 020 storage boxes 6 jan 2012 013
And if you want one you can get it at Vixx Craft Storage, it’s okay you can rush across and order yours, I ordered mine last night rofl.
I do have a card for my blog today, but it won’t be up till later ….. it’s a sneak peek Winking smile
So see you then


  1. Funny!!! hope you share a picture of it when it arrives with all your pens in it?

  2. Fab storage Bev.....I wonder if they will make a really small one to fit my 40 odd pens?! Enjoy and happy Wednesday.
    Jane x

  3. Saw these on Vicky's blog and they look fantastic, if I ever get my room sorted out they're on my list lol! xx

  4. Thanks Bev, For that link, just what I need for my promarkers, Hugs May x x x

  5. Great storage units hun..thanks for the link..

  6. Great storage Bev, thank you for the link, will pop over now! Looking forward to your card later.

  7. This was a real great idea. I so love it and thanks for sharing.

    Hugs Tammy

  8. I can vouch for these storage cubes.... they are FAB - I have one from Vicky and Steve! Very well made and with me within a week of ordering! How much better could it be?

    Christine x

  9. oh... that looks to cool! I don't know where I would put it on my desk. But I do think I need to research a new way to store both of my markers - Can't wait to see your all full girl!

  10. Thank you soooooo much Bev for putting a post on your blog...I'm so very grateful and you are a star..!

    your pen storage is now made...and will be posted tomorrow..!

    biggest of hugs Vicky xx

  11. I wsas gonna order on of these Bev the diamond shape I think, thry look great and it could stand on my dining table instead of having to keep having all the copics rolling around after taking them all out of the craft bag!!!!! when I get some pennies!!! xxx

  12. These look great but what about getting them in the US?


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