Sunday, 29 January 2012

Update from CHA

Helloo a quick post from me before we head out for a meal (if my feet can carry me I am so wrecked lol)

The booth is almost set up, just a few tweaks to do in the morning before the doors open.

Here's Stuart and Rudi - testosterone personified lol

Next up is Heidi painting table legs (I was painting frames, myself and everything else in sight lol)

My teamie Michelle checking her phone, this girl is FUNNY I have laughed so much these past few days

Drooling over the new distress markers (I NEEEEED these!!)

And the highlight of my day ..... dragging Sir Tim away from his work for a photo shoot :D my lovely teamie Jing with Sir Tim and me

A snap of the hotel grounds taken from the balcony, it's such gorgeous weather here albeit a tad windy but its warm and sunny :)

That's it from me tonight, catch ya later x


  1. OMG Bev, I'm so excited for you. I think you've given us a hint....DISTRESS MARKERS. I can't wait to hear all about them.


  2. We can feel all the exitement over there. But ... Bev I have to have the name and whatever on the wallpaper in the picture of Heidi painting the table legs... thanks so much and have fun!


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun Bev. I read about those distress markers on Tim's blog I think it was, and immediately neeeeeded them to.:D
    Can't wait to hear what you've been up to next.

  4. Oh lucky, lucky you. Have a fab time and enjoy every minute of it.
    Love Linda

  5. Great photos Bev....I'm so jealous!!!!'re a lucky girl!
    xxx Margreet

  6. WOW Bev,it looks fab.How jealous is everyone that your there and can see the new markers,sir Tim and all that lovely new stash!!!!!
    Such alot of hard work to do before the main avent too,i didn`t realize,have fun when it opens,can`t wait to see more pics.

  7. Lookin good Bev, Busy girl, have a word in sir Timmie's ear will you and find out when those markers are hitting the UK, I want oops sorry I need them!!!!, Have a great time x x May x x

  8. Have a great time Bev, and i like to hear more about the distressmarkers.


  9. Bev, looks like yiu are having a ball. Fab pic with Sir Tim. We need those DI markers here.

  10. what a lucky gal all that new stash to drool over,gorgeous weather and company
    have fab time

  11. So exciting to follow your adventures over the pond!

  12. Hi Bev, you know what? I also NEEEED the new distress markers. Can't wait to try them *lalala*.

    Look like you all have a lot of fun but I also know how stressful these days are. Nevertheless have fun at the show today and the other days. It's a wonderful feeling to be there.

    Jay Jay

  13. Looks like it´s a lot of fun, even also a lot of hard work. I´m drooling too, just from what I can see on these pictures here. So exited to see more of what´s comming.

  14. Wow, looks wonderful Bev! How lucky are you. Hope you have a fabulous time in the US and look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

    Jan R x

  15. Can't wait for these Distress Markers to hit the UK!
    Looks as though you are having so much fun. Enjoy!


  16. Wow Bev, looks loke you're a ball!! Enjoy honey :o))

  17. Hi Bev, It looks like hard work, but fun. Can't wait to hear what you've been up to next.

    Have a great time.


  18. looks like you are fed-up and ready for home ! NOT,......... lol
    LOVE that wallpaper!

  19. Hi Bev! Great pictures. I can see you are having fun!! Ivonne

  20. I am sure it will be really hard work for you but lots of fun too - have a great time - so jealous of your photo with Sir Tim!

  21. Oh Bev, what a great time you are obviously having out there! The booth looks as though it will be superb, I can't wait to see some shots of it all finished. Have a blast! Loved the photo with Sir should tell him that Lady Bev rocks over here ;0)
    Jane x

  22. Looks fabulous, exhausting and fun all in one. Enjoy your time their Bev and pop a few of those distress markers in your basket for me, lol.
    Hugs Tracy x

  23. Oh Bev i officially hate you hahahaha (not really) you've met Sir's so unfair, hehehe, well done hunni you're doing brilliant over there, i knew you would be ok, although 'wrecked' you're still going to wow them all..........must say i love that wallpaper behind Heidi painting, its gorgeous, you couldnt find out where its from could you? just a thought.........anyway, glad you're ok and enjoying yourself, you lucky girlie, hugs and have a safe journey back home, Vick xxxx
    Youtube 'vixcrafts'
    FB vick mcclean

  24. I think I NEED those distress markers too! Have fun, Jane x

  25. Wonderful pics, great you keep us informed. Enjoy your stay!!!

  26. wow, this is looking fabulous. Have a great time.

  27. I can see you're having fun!! Thanks for the nice pictures, love to see what you're doing.
    Have a great time!
    Hugs Yolanda

  28. Wow hun! So much to do..but you are looking so happy!! Brilliant photo's it's so nice you think of us all here..keep the photos's coming...
    Big hugs,

  29. I so wish I Could be there with you all.. I am so Jealous... I hope you take A LOT of PHOTHOS.. to show us.... It is like being there!! .. For us others!..
    ENJOY!!!!!! ALOT!! :O)

  30. you look so happy. Im glad you are enjoying yourself doing your favorite hobbie. Its your sheer hard work, excellent sense of design,colour and imagination that have earned you the right to be where you are. YOu are a ledgend my friend !!
    ENJOY ENJOY deserve it.
    huggles galore your mate K xx

  31. Wow! looks like you are having a fab time Bev!!!

    Glad you are enjoying it hun!!!
    Big Hugs!
    Sue xxx

  32. Hi, Bev, glad you arrived safely. You do seem to be having a ball despite the hard work. Am so looking forward to seeing/ hearing all your news.


  33. Looks like you are having fun already. Bring us back lots of new goodies :)

  34. You are so luckt=) Thanks for the photos.

  35. The hotel looks lush x

    Hope you've got plenty of pennies Lol

    hugs sally x

  36. I can feel your excitement and fun! Thanks for sharing it with us. I've heard about the distress pens, but haven't figured out why I need them. My mind just can't figure out how you will use them--after all we've got our copics. I can't wait to see what you'll share with us.

  37. wahooooooooo
    profite bien de ta visite là-bas et vite viens nous raconter ton voyage.

  38. You go girl!!! You look like you are having a blast and the show hasn't started yet. OOOOOh, distress markers. I need these too. Have fun.

  39. OOh I just have to drool the pens oh the pens and the view omg I knew I should have carried your cases, just nip a couple of those new tim holtz pens in your case darlin lol pleased your having a wonderful time xxxxxxxxxxx

  40. Great photos Bev! Looks like so much fun. I need those distress markers too!

  41. Looks like you're having a great time Bev, can you smuggle Sir Tim back to the UK in your case pretty please?

  42. you lucky girl, so chuffed for you hun. big hugs xx

  43. Hope you have a fabulous time Bev! Thanks for sharing with us.

  44. Hi Bev,
    Thanks for sharing all your photos
    with us. Your excitement is contagious. You look so happy amongst all the craft goodies.
    (who wouldn't be?) Enjoy yourself
    Bev you so derserve it. Looking at
    all the pics has brightened what is
    a very dull day here. I would echo
    what one or two of the other girls
    have said about the wallpaper behind Heidi - Lovely!!! Take care
    Bev and keep safe. Hugs Linda.

  45. Fab view.

    I saw pics of the markers on Tim's blog and they look super so they are on the 'must have' list.

    Lucky you getting a hug from 'himself' - have a great time Bev.

    Toni xx

  46. Oh Bev
    Tese are so flipping cute! You are a talented lady!
    I hope to get as good someday!
    Hugs Tammy

  47. How exciting! Too bad we don't have CHA here in Singapore. At least, none that I know of. Hopefully I can get to participate at CHA someday. *crossing fingers*



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