Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shipping charges

I just saw this post on Donalda’s blog and am 110% behind her.  There’s shipping charges then there is shipping charges!!   Why can some companies charge a reasonable amount for P&P charges yet others totally take the proverbial???




  1. I agree and just left a message over there.

  2. I agree, it's so disappointing how these companies try to you rip you off.

  3. I couldn't agree more! I have left a comment (a little long I guess, lol) on her blog too!

  4. Hi Bev
    I agree (left a comment on Donalda's blog too). What I can't understand is how come other USA companies like Paper Smooches and My Favorite Things can have MUCH cheaper shipping rates to the UK? I've stopped buying from 'certain' companies because of the shipping. It's way too high x

  5. Left her a message earlier Bev, it's all getting out of hand.xx

  6. I also agree and left a comment over there!

  7. Have to agree and they dont do themselves any favours by doing so.

  8. I totally agree, bev and I've left my comment on Donalda's blog. But it's not only American companies there are certain companies in England too who are extremely greedy and who don't seem to realise that Northern Ireland is part of the UK. If I wanted to order a pack of printing paper from a well known office supply company which costs £11.79 they will charge me and extra £15.00 for delivery!! Yet if I live in England the charge is £2.90. How can they justify that :(


  9. Ugghh!! Don't get me started lol Ive had a rant on my blog about this a while ago lol If i order anything... even a cd from Create and Craft... they charge me £10.00 postage!! But if I am in Northern Ireland (still the same country) they only charge £2.99. It's crazy and some companys really should be outed for this carry on and there should be a law against it!!
    Fiona L x

  10. Hiya Bev,

    This is disgusting and a wide practise!
    Terrible what some companies do for a quick Buck or Pound!

    Added badge to side bar and just going to comment!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we now have an outlet for our grievances!

    Have a great weekend!

    Take care
    Big hugs

  11. OMG I agree! I can't believe they would do such a dumb thing!!


  12. I also agree too!:) Sandra H

  13. I agree.. I just order a few pearl pens and stickles from America to send to NZ... and it cost me $40 US... which in NZ money is about $50....far out!!!!!!

  14. Totally agree Bev. I have won prizes which have ended up costing me more than the prize to have it posted here!!

  15. Hi Bev
    Thanks, this info was very interesting.
    I do not order from a few companies in the U.S. because of the charges. I thought it was just me being tight;0)
    Hugs Cally x

  16. I am with you 100% on this!!!! Totally ridiculous. People make more money on shipping and handling then they do on the products!!!!!!!!!

  17. I totally agree and I left a message at Donalda's blog too. I ordered once from a US company and the shipping was 13.95 US$ the handling was 5 US$. Way too much!!
    Disappointing how this company has to make a profit of the shipping and handling costs.
    Still I hope you'll have a beautiful Sunday.
    Hugs Yolanda

  18. I'm with you. Especially living in Hawaii. Some of my orders I cancel before it goes through cause the shipping is more than the item itself! And some companies just charge what the exact mailing charge is. Or There is one company that refunds my charge after the mailing cost is actually calculated.
    Glad I'm not alone on this.

    thanks and hugs

  19. yep i agree too! i live in Australia and buy alot of my crafting products from OS. But have learnt wherer to buy things from that offer a reasonable postage amount. Some places are crazy and dont they realise they would probably sell more if their postage was less.
    i wonder at times if they do it because they cant be bothered with the hassle of international post, so charge enormous amounts to deter people..iykwim, not sure i'm explaining myself

  20. Absolutely agree... living in South Africa, I've found we get RIPPED OFF so much with the shipping costs. One of my blogfriends in the UK has kindly offered to purchase and post me goodies from there which works out FAR cheaper... I hate being ripped off!! We need to stand together to win this war!!!


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