Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Some of my doggies and some candy

I don’t have a card to share today (way too much going on behind the scenes with all the Christmas images getting ready to line the shelves :o) so I thought I would update you on our Sidney.  He is a totally different dog now, eats for England, owns the house …. totally (but don’t tell Tony that, we have power struggles here continually when really I’m the boss lol).

So here he is a couple of months after he was shaved nearly bald to remove the build up of mats and tats the poor lad had.  I had to hold him in place as he was after his ball that our Maddi had made off with.  Everything in this house is Sidney's lol, he takes no prisoners if you touch his stuff.  My little heart-throb xxxx


And here’s a couple of my girls, the others would not sit still, too much activity chasing buzzlers and birds lol.  So this is our Lulubelle (mammy’s princess) who refused to look at the camera. 


And last for today is our Daisy (she is a little tinker – thinks she is a Japanese Akita in a cavaliers body!!)  What a dog, she would take on the world if we let her even though she is the smallest of the gang at just under 13 pounds.  Butter wouldn’t melt hey?  And the ears are all chewed, that’s our Penny – she is forever pulling on their ears :o(


And it’s Teddy Bo Tuesday which means new stamps (loving the fishing one – I call it Fisherman’s Heaven lol).  Also our Team B has some fab eye candy for you, so head over to the Teddybo blog.

Teddy bo new releases 05.07.11

And now for some candy, the lovely Heidi from Stampavie sent the DT some stamps to give away a while back so I thought I would dip in to the bag today.  Up for grabs is a Sarah Kay and a Tina Wenke stamp.

WDS 258-Sent From Above sab

   I will draw a winner tomorrow night so pop your name in the linky below if you would like to try your luck.


  1. What a lovely dogs. Thanks for a chance on this candy. I would like to try my luck ;) X Anita

  2. What a cute doggies
    hugs linda

  3. They are so cute... I love dogs!!!

    Thanks for the chance with the stamps, I hope to win :)

  4. Oh my goodness, those doggies are adorable. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  5. Oh Bev your ickle doggies are adorable!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win the stamps.
    Have a fab day.
    Debs xx

  6. What an adorable pics of your doggies, Bev...thanks for giving the chance to win this lovely candy!
    xxx Margreet

  7. What little cuties they are ha ha ha. They really look awesome and just too cute, I think ha ha ha.
    Thanks sooo much for the chance to win these awesome stamps here. I love Stampavie stamps.
    Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of fun.

  8. Awww Bev your doggies are just too darling!! Thanks for the chance at winning some candy too. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

  9. Doesn't your heart melt when you see these pictures of gorgeous dogs ? Mine did...Thanks fot sharing these pictures and thanks voor the candy. Hugs, Marion

  10. Oh how he has changed since the last time you posted about him, my word!

    Have to say , anothewr wonderful tut on tripple embossing in the mag this month .. seems funny seeing you on the font cover now.. lol You have come on leaps and bounds Bev, CONGRATULATIONS!

  11. Totally love your dogs - they seem to each have their own little personalities and they are so cute. But harder work than kids i gather lol.
    Thank you for a chance to win :).

    Hugs, Mette

  12. Oohhh such cutties! they are adorable. Thank you for the chance to win.
    Hugs xx

  13. Aw, Bev they are lovely! You will be so proud of them! I know we are of ours. And what a difference in him too, so lovely to see. Thanks for the candy chance too, love those stamps, Judy x

  14. There stunning Bev, you like me a dog lover, aw they are little cuties darlin, thanks for the chance to win an image huggies June x

  15. We don't mind that you did not show a card today. The pictures of your lovely doggies are a very good compensation. They are very cute. Give them a big hug. Thanks for sharing these beautiful stamps with us. Will try my luck again to win these. Hugs from Holland, Helen

  16. Your darlings are very adorable!!!!
    Hugs, Gry

  17. Your fur-babies look like right little characters.

    This is a lovely candy Bev, thanks for giving us the chance to nab it.

    Toni xx

  18. What an adorable doggie family you have

  19. Morning Bev, Gorgeous dogs, my friend unfortunately lost one of her king charles spaniels the other week at the age of 7, it was so heart breaking.

    thank you for the opportunity of the candy.


  20. Havent entered this draw Bev but just had to comment on your dogs what a vast improvement just shows what a little love and tlc can do great pictures of the others too,

  21. I absolutely love them, i have 5 at the mo, would most prob have a zoo if possible......lol
    Thanks for the chance!
    lotsa luv
    ps: did not want to take my blog url, not sure why...

  22. Hi Bev, Isn't he a handsome boy. Looks good now bless him. The other two are also gorgeous.
    Thanks for a chance at this yummy candy.

  23. Oh! how cute are your dogs. Thanks for the chance to win some gorgeous candy.

  24. hiya sweetie
    what a absolutly sweet dogs you have, there so pretty, thanks for showing this, it's a nice as looking at a card hunni
    thank you for the chance to win
    have a great day sweetie
    hugs angelique

  25. Ils sont trop beau tes chiens vraiment adorable
    merci pour ce partage

  26. Ohhh Bev, they are so adorable.

    Gorgeous cards lately btw, just haven't had the time to stop in and comment!

  27. Awww Bev they are so cute and Sydney is such a handsome boy, the girlies are very pretty, so sweet. Thanks for the chance to win this fab candy, have a lovely day Bev.

    Hugs, Barbara xx

  28. Hi Bev. Thanks for the chance to enter your candy. Your dogs are gorgeous. Nice that all their personalities are so different. Donna

  29. Thank you for the you tube film you made, drawing the Sarah Kay Stamp. It helped me so much. Now I am addicted to the Copic Markers I love it. Now I hope to win a stamp, so I can draw it in with my Copic Markers.

    xx Nathalie xx

  30. Bev You can show me doggy pictures every other day! LOve them.
    Thanks for the chance of this yummy candy.

  31. Your Cavelier kids are adorable, I have a little Pug girl named Simcha, she`s 8,5 months old and queen of the house.
    I love your candy and love having a chance of winning.

    Gr Anastasia.

  32. Oh Bev, your babies are adorable, we only have one dog and he thinks he owns the house too. thanks for sharing your family with us.
    Hugs Cheryl

  33. Lovely dogs x

    Why is it the smaller dogs want to take on the world Lol.
    I have a staffie & yorkie, and the yorkie is the domineering one... who would have thought that, Lol.

    Thanks for the chance of winning the stamps x

    hugs sally x

  34. Its so nice to get follow up on these little darlings, thank you for sharing. I have a Lulubelle too, she is my little gremlin, her picture is on my blog along with my Sophie (both are rescue dogs).

    Thanks for putting some more candy on your blog for us to try and win. Enjoy your day. Debbie T :)

  35. oh they are all beautiful Bev, I love seeing pics of the dogs - Pepsi was suitably unimpressed when I tried to show her the pics. I think she might be a bit like your Daisy - how dare anyone walk past the garden gate!!

  36. Joanna McDonald5 July 2011 at 11:47

    Your dogs are adorable!! We have
    Welsh Corgis. I can soooooooo
    relate to your Sidney on "eats for
    England" & Owns the House & Penny
    who would " take on the world."
    Thanks for showing them!!

  37. Wow Bev they have grown such lovely cute dogs.
    Hugs Linda

  38. Gorgeous dogs Bev Sidney looks so much better.Fingers crossed again.
    Sue xx

  39. Awww so so sweet, love King Charles as a breed!

    I have a Lhaso Apso and boy does she think she is in charge!
    Guards the Palace hee hee, really thinks she is a Princess!

    Love her to bits, she is MY little Princess!

    She is also a little MINX at getting groomed,nightmare and the mats in her coat are a disgrace!
    Scissors + Little Princess = Growling, wreck with the speed of Linford Christy!

    With a massive huff thrown in just for FUN, 3 days of Being in the dog house (the Humans) hee hee

    But just love her to bits!

    Your dogs are so gorgeous, love doggies :)

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  40. Lovely dogs you have Bev and the photos are great!
    Thanks for the chance to win the stamps
    Big hugs, Jill

  41. what a cute doggies you have!!! so sweet! what breed are they? king charles? those sweet faces, but meanwhile....or are they really as cute as they look? ;-)

  42. Awww your fur babies are gorgeous Bev!!!! Thanks for sharing photos. They really are adorable!

    Hope you have a good week!
    Hugs Sue xx

  43. What lovely dogs..and what patience you must have! One was always enough for me! (lol) Sidney as such gorgeous colouring...handsome, and probably knows it too!
    Joyce xx

  44. Oh my gosh... Your darling little doggies are BEAUTIFUL! I know you love them to pieces! ha....
    Thanks for a fun chance to win candy too. hugs

  45. Thanks for the chance!! Greetings!!

  46. Your little girls are beautiful! I was ROTF when I read about little Daisy. We have a white Akita (at least 130 lbs!). Thank you for the chance to win, Bev. I've been away on holiday and missed seeing your lovely creations.

    Also, I sincerely hope you are feeling better today. Wishing you a happy day, hugs, Lori P

  47. Lovely dogs Bev so cute x

  48. I forgot to say it's lovely to see your beautiful cards in simply cards mag they're stunning and caught my attention x

  49. Your dogs are just soooo adorable Bev!

    Thank you for the chance to win.


  50. Sidney's become a very handsome lad under your care - that coat is just beautiful - he certainly had his eye on something else though!
    Paula (PEP)

  51. Your doggies are so cute :), I love all animals (except spiders iieekkk, why should they have 8 legs??)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win these adorable stamps, you are too kind :)!!!

    Hugs (your doggies too LOL)

  52. Hi Bev just love those Doggies even BOSSY BOOTS but really he knows his place lovely pics of them lovely snaps take care Doris

  53. Awww Bev, your doggies are gorgeous! Thank you for the chance to win your candy x

  54. The dogs are lovely!


  55. so gald to see Sydney is thriving in your care, he is just the same colour as my neighbour's pup so I can see what she will look like in a couple of years.
    Thanks for the chance to win candy x

  56. Oh Bev, I love your babies!! Sidney looks fantastic!! I sure he fits in perfectly now!! God Bless you for adopting him!! My next pup will be a pond pup!! Have a good week!!

  57. You have the most adorable dogs Bev, I would want to sit with them all day long:)

  58. HI Bev... your doggies are just adorable... and so photogenic! Thanks for the chance of the candy! Shelly x

  59. Sorry Bev I accidentally entered myself twice! Can you please remove Kelly #319

  60. What a lovely stamps.

    Hugs AStrid.

  61. Such sweet looking dogs. I can tell you love them dearly. I have two Shih Tzu and I thank God every night that he has blessed me with two sweet babies. I tell them they are my little blessings!

  62. Aw, Bev, they're so cute. Although I'm sure they're all a handful- but they're worth it- as the saying goes :) Thanks for sharing.


  63. OMG!! All of your little fur babies are adorable :) Thanks for a chance to enter for this fab candy.
    Fiona L x

  64. Love your dogs Bev, but then again I'm a bit partial. We have an adorable year and a half old tri color Cavalier named Willie! We shaved him for the summer and although he looked a bit funny at first, he sure is cool!!

    Hugs, Kelly

  65. Loved the pictures of some of the family today!!

  66. Lovely pictures of your dogs, they are cute! hugs, Frances.

  67. Such sweet pictures of your dog! They all look so cute too! TFS

  68. Your doggies are so sweet! And thanks for the chance to win some lovely blog candy! :)

  69. Hi Bev, your doggies are soooo beautiful.....I sadly lost my
    blenhiem cavalier 3 months ago,
    he had a seizure and died.....alas
    i have some wonderful memories of chester ! Thankyou for sharing,
    love and hugs
    chris richards

  70. What beautiful dogs they are Bev, I am so glad to hear that Sidney is doing so well now.
    Hope you are too?
    Jane x

  71. your babies are adorable, but oooh how cute is Daisy... :).. thank you for sharing Bev... xx

  72. opps forgot to say lol... thank you for chance of winning stamps... too wrapped up in the fur babies ... typical me. lol xx

  73. OH ! ..... so cute puppies

    Francine (Québec)

  74. Awww what beautiful babies! x
    Lynn ****


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