Monday, 6 June 2011

LOTV Colouring Masterclass - The North!

Whoop whoop for all the Northerners (well we couldn’t leave you out now could we lol)!  Following the massive success of the recent Colouring Masterclass in Kent, we have had a lot of interest for holding a similar event in the North (in fact several parts of the UK!).

Can you let us know if you would be interested in coming to one in the North, so that we can judge the size of venue and number of days required. To re-cap it's a full day's intensive colouring course where you can master your marker pens and colour like a professional by the end of the day. The course will either be £100 including all food and refreshments and be held at a quality Hotel or it will be a little cheaper and be held at LOTV offices! ... but this will depend on numbers.

Please email if you would like to register your interest and receive further information.


  1. Hi Bev

    I so enjoyed it, so when you have done up North you can come back down to Kent again!!

    Awesome course and well worth it!

    hugs, Karen xx

  2. Oh lucky North. I had such a fab time Bev at the Ashtead masterclass and I have really upped my game with my cards. My new skills are all thanks to you and the team. This really is such a fab course. I agree with Karen remember to come back
    South again soon!
    Jane x

  3. Right now I wish I lived in the North, Bev. Well, I do live in the North except in the wrong continent; LOL!! Hugs, Lori P


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