Tuesday, 3 May 2011

GDT for Teddy Bo and a warning

The lovely people at Teddy Bo asked if I would GDT for them for May and June, one nanosecond later I said yes lol.  I so love these bears, what a total dream they are to colour too.  It’s a new challenge today on Teddy Bo Challenge and the theme is easel cards (not done one of these for ages and ages).


I used Copics and Prismacolor pencils natch
Bea: E33, E31, E30 Sepia pencil
Dress: BG11, BG10, BG70 Jade Green and Black pencils, YG63, YG61, G20 and Black Pencil
Hat:  YG63, YG61, G20 and Black Pencil
Shadow around Bea: E41, E40, W00, 0
Shadow on ground: W5, W3, W1, W00


I spritzed the flowers with pearl mist, dabbed an inked sponge on the edges (walnut stain), applied Glossy Accents to the edges then dunked them in Twinklets.  Who says Twinklets are just for Christmas lol.  And that gorgeous little gold butterfly – it’s from Wild Orchid Crafts, love it!


The sentiment detail


Now then, for the warning.  There are people selling CD’s on eBay containing images of handmade cards supposedly for inspiration.  One of the CD’s listed actually had one of my older cards as the listing photo.  This “seller” did not have the decency to ask my permission (which I would not have given as I freely share my work on my blog so why on earth should you have to pay for it!!!!).  It made me laugh that the “seller” picked my card to feature on the listing, it’s not as if I am not known in the crafting world now is it.  So thanks to the loads and loads of lovely ladies out there who reported the “seller” and let me know about it too xxxxxx.    It really gets my goat when people are quite happy to profit off others work, and that could be YOUR work too.  My work is all watermarked and copyright registered and this still did not deter the “seller”, in fact said “seller” did not even bother to try and remove my watermark!!!  So be on your guard peeps, your work could be used for their gain as well!!  There are lots of similar CD’s on there – nightmare!!

Rant over (for now …. still waiting for eBay to get back to me, I reported the seller through eBay’s VeRO program which is what you will need to do if your work has been stolen). 

That’s it from me today, enjoy your day.



  1. Hi Bev, just been over to look at this "gallery CD" (?) and .... it's been removed by the seller !!!! It's a pity that the seller can't partake in the craft itself instead of using other peoples work and ideas - like you I find this sooooo annoying !!!!

    Your card is divine Bev! I love the teddybo images and use them quite a lot and your colour combos are, as always, stunning !!!!!

    Hugs, sandra xx

  2. Love the Teddybo card, I just love these Teddy images!! You did the right thing with Ebay, some folk have such a cheek to steal other people's work!! hugs from Mary G x

  3. congrats Bev, I'm with you I so love these bears and have just brought another 4 to play with, looking forward to seeing your lovely designs

  4. Such a cute card Bev love the wellies and the sentiment. There is always one who tries to profit from other peoples work glad you found out and reported it.

  5. Hi Bev another stunning card I love these images.
    I so sorry to here about your card pic,
    hugs maxine x

  6. Stinkin' cheek...
    The colour on the dress is so very beautiful.I love all the flowers and papers...everything.Fabulous image.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. Gorgeous card Bev! Lovely colours and beautiful image!
    Hugs Trudy

  8. Gorgeous colour work! Simply stunning! Fabulous design and beautiful blooms! Hugs, Lesley

  9. Hi Bev,
    Your easel card is wonderful!!
    So beautifully coloured!
    Love, Mel. xx

  10. SCHITTEREND :):):)

    Groetjes Thea

  11. Beautifully coloured Bev. I am so in love with these little teddy bears too! hugs Annie xXx

  12. Hi Bev
    love your very pretty card, image is sooooo sweet, love the colour combo you have used.
    As for your work being used for other's gain, I know only too well how you feel. Several years ago (more than I care to remember) lol, I had several of my cards published in a magazine. I visited a craft fair a few weeks later, imagine the shock I received where on one of the stalls were my cards (exact replica's even the same D.P.s), the stall holder was claiming the work as her own, I TRIED to explain to her that I had spent a lot of time making/designing the cards, but as you & I know these type's of people have no scruples & think its O.K. to STEAL other's work. Her answer to me was that I shouldn't have had it published if I didn't want it copied. I TRIED in vain to explain that I didn't mind crafter's taking inspiration from my work BUT didn't want it copied, then claimed as their own work.
    This is all you need when you are under the weather sending you HUGE HUGS.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  13. Beautiful card Bav and I love those Teddies...keep meaning to go over and buy some, they are sooo sweet.
    I actualy came over to tell you about those cd's but someone obviously got there before me lol, I know just how you feel, it's sooo annoying that people can do this and think they will get away with it!
    Hugs Lora
    p.s just emailed you hun

  14. Beautiful card Bev, just got myself loads of these cute little bears they are such a dream to colour top.

    The bare faced cheek of some people, so pleased you managed to put a stop to it.

    Hugs, Barbara x

  15. Wowww, what e beautiful card is this. Nice colouring and what a beautiful stamp.

    Hugs Astrid.

  16. Hi Bev, wow! a gorgeous card. I love the Teddybo images. Perfect card and beautifully decorated!

    What a nightmare with the Ebay!! it's sad to think this can happen.

    Sue xx

  17. Wow Bev what a darn cheek, to think there are people out there making a profit for all your hard work, shame on them.

    Beuaitufl card as always with perfect details.
    Hugs Linda

  18. Wwwoooww your card is really gorgeous!!!! Those images are great!

    gr. arjette.

  19. Congratulations, can imagine you said yes!! Teddy Bo is awesome! And your card, wow, is absolutely stunning!
    hugs Yvonne

  20. I find it incredible that someone does such a thing - we've been discussing this for a wee while on the Sugar Nellie FB group. The thing is, we have no way of knowing who else she has stolen artwork from - and shame on all those who have bought her cd's too

  21. Stunning card Bev, your colouring is beautiful x

    So sorry about the CDs, what a cheeky **** x

  22. Darling image, beautifully colored as always! Wow, I had no idea people were making CD's like that! I am amazed everyday at something that someone does, what nerve!

  23. Beautiful card Bev - love those Teddy Bo bears. All the flowers look positively divine with the Twinklets.

    Isn't it just so petty that people will steal other people's work! I just had that happen to me where someone (who is also a cardmaker) asked if they could use a particular card that I made last year for my mother's 80th birthday in an ad as a sample on a shopping site (much like EBay) because they were selling the same stamp that I used on my card. I said "no" - very nicely and all very polite - but they went and helped themselves to another card in my Gallery and used that instead! I was positively disgusted and felt violated. Why didn't they just make a card with that stamp as a sample for their ad instead???!!

    I did file a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) infringment notice with the website and the listing was pulled immediately. This legal notice must be complied with and is a proper and legal way to deal with the theft of your work. Bev: feel free to email me via my Blog if I can be of any help or you need some more info about the DMCA. It is something that any cardmaker/artist can use - so if any other commenters here need more info too, pls don't hesitate to contact me via my Blog. Happy to help :-)

  24. Joanna McDonald3 May 2011 at 11:11

    These bears are so cute!! Love
    this one with the blues and browns!
    And the accessories and coloring
    are perfection!!

  25. Oh Bev....it's GORGEOUS....I did get a sneak peek last night but now seeing all the details it's even more beautiful...thanks honey for joining us as our Guest Designer..xxxx

    Teddy Bo & Co x

  26. I have seen people selling scanned stamped images but never actual pictures of cards, it seems odd to me when you can go to any on-line gallery or even google search and get it all for free!

    I would go for the DMCA, I have been reading alot lately about how successful they are.

  27. Oh Bev shes so cute, and I love what youve done with her. Stunning card. with hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  28. Bev, this card is stunning as usual!!Everything about it is perfect.
    As for copying your cards, I can well understand your anger after the time and effort you put into them.
    I know my cards are not in the same league but I have fallen foul of this myself and try to cover my digi images and cards with my watermark to make it more difficult to do.
    Thanks for the inspiration,
    Ruth x

  29. One big word BEAUTUTIFUL.
    Hugs Astrid

  30. Hi sweetie, this is stunning love your colours on it, these tedds are so sweeet I will have to get some, gorgeous work babes, hugs pops x x x

  31. Wonderful card, love your colouring :)

    So sorry to hear that there is bad people around :(

  32. Wow this is stunning Bev! Love the colour combo and of course the sweet image :-)

    Sorry to hear about the cardmaking CD on Ebay. The cheek of some people to steal other people's work.

    Lisa x

  33. Hi Bev. Gorgeous card. Love the colours and the image is so sweet. Sorry to hear about your dilema with your cards, have read about other sites having the same problems. Donna

  34. Stunning card Bev these little bears are so suited to you:) Can't understand why anyone would want to buy a cd like that when as you say the talent is oozzing out of blogland!

  35. Hiya Bev
    First of all well done on the GDT. Your card as always is fab. I must be really naive I had no idea people where doing this type of thing on Ebay, thanks for the heads up.
    Luv Hev xx

  36. What a lovely card!


  37. Hi Bev

    So glad you got the problem sorted. I do take a lot of inspiration from peoples blogs but I would not even entertain copying a card exactly the same, as a crafter you should put your own spin on a card as I do not think you can exactly replicate a card. If we all stick together this sort of thing can be stamped out. Rant over!!!!!

    Congratulations on your GDT and your card is gorgeous. Love those easel cards.


  38. What a stunning card Bev!

    I cant believe they are trying to seel cd's of others work for inspiration...i hope she didnt get any sold! Unbelievable that she used your card on the listing! I am sure ebay will block her account.

    Its frustrating that most crafter's are so generous and willing to give freebies, candy and tons of inspiration free of charge and yet there are still people wanting to make money from someone elses talent. GGrr!

    I must add a positive experience i recently had.. i had a email from a crafter saying she had found my blog and saw a card that i had made and loved it and was asked if i would mind if she made one the same. I said yes to this girl as she was not publishing it as she had no blog, just for her granny! Once she had made the card she send me a picture of it and thanked me for the inspiration as she is new to cardmaking! Since then she has send me some more of her cards she has made and thanked me for sharing my work.

    Hugs Lynne x

  39. Oh my, another of your wonderful creations. Very beautiful card!

    It's so annoying when someone is stealing things like that and actually wanting to get some money out of it. Grrrrr!


  40. Good looking out from your fans..

    Your card is just fabulous Bev.

  41. First your cards are stunning, so I would think that everyone would want you to be a GDT. How could they not, your work is just gorgeous and this is no exception

    As for that person with the CD, wow did even know people did that, but I am glad that they pointed it out to you and it is off... What nerve!!!!


  42. Hi Bev such a beautiful card with on of my favourite Teddy Bea's.

    Sorry someone can do something like that with your cards.

    Love Clairebears x

  43. Your easel card is wonderful!

  44. Schitterende kaart Bev,lief die stempel,mooi ingekleurd.
    Heel mooi papier.

    Liefs Riet.xx

  45. Sorry to hear about the theft Bev, That's just outrageous! I'm wondering if I might ask who it was only because out of curiosity I looked at ebay and saw a handmade card gallery cd and wondered if that was the same?

    I don't even put water marks on my cards so mine could be anywhere. Geez thanks for the warning.

    I guess I didn't think anyone would do something like that. How gullible am I?

    Hugs Bonnie

    Sorry almost forgot to tell you how beautiful your card is. Chin up honey.

  46. Congrats on your 2 month GD post x

    Your card is gorjuss as always.

    Bloomin cheek of that ebay seller, glad its been reported!

    hugs sally x

  47. gorgeous card bev ~beautifully coloured and love the colours you have chosen!! perfect!
    vanessa xx
    ps makes me mad these sellers ~no talent ~ and no morals....beware everyone ..well my work isn`t worth stealing!! LOL!!

  48. Wow this is a real stunner, love the image and the colours are all so pretty together.
    As for your ebayer seller she needs to get herself some morals!! I can't believe that many people would buy from someone like that knowing or otherwise you can clearly see it is not her work.
    Kim xXx

  49. Bev, this is so sweet an image and ofcourse your card is stellar! Yummy work. Hugs

  50. Beautiful card, Bev!

    Such a shame that some people can do what they have done, sharing photos of other people's work an selling them on CDs!! I read about this on the Sugar Nellie FB page today. You did the right thing reporting them, OF COURSE!! I know I'd be pissed if was the one someone stole from! Shame on them!...

    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Hege

  51. Your color combo is perfect... I love the design and this cute little bear like a dancer.

    Thanks for sharing.

  52. Hi Bev brill card just love the colouring it is brilliant fab teddy, good for you sorting out whoever was responsible for E,Bay problems they have no right to do this at all I am so glad you have it sorted, Take care of yourself, sending caring thought,s and hugs Doris,

  53. Wow Bev! Beautiful colours on this easel and ofcourse an adorable ted bear, love the style.

    Hope the CD problem has ended and that no one else tries it again. There's more than enough in Blogland for inspiration. Best wishes. Ruby x

  54. Wow Bev,congrats on your GDT position and I love love your card!
    Hugs Heidy

  55. Congrats on your GDT and fabulous card, love it! Hope you manage to sort out your EBay problem!
    Helen x

  56. Some folk have such a cheek - glad it's been reported.

    This card is delightful - just love these colours.

    Toni :o)

  57. Hi Bev, your Teddy Bo card is stunning as usual, all your card are a delight to see.
    I am so upset for you over this ebay seller, how dare someone use your hard work as there own. It's disgraceful. I hope there is a happy ending for you.
    Hugs Cheryl

  58. A quick comment from me, Bev- am working like the Billy Dickens to complete a wedding project for a friend for tomorrow.
    Love these little images, even though they would not normally be my own taste, but they do have a heart tugging appeal and your card and the colours you've chosen are just delightful.

    AliceH- back to the grindstone and then to bed_HoHum

  59. Beautiful as always. Your designs are so very lovely. Thanks for always mentioning what colors you use for copics and pencils. This is really helpful to me since i have been using them for only a short time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  60. Well done on the GDT spot, not surprised they askd you s your tag card was divine. This is beautiful too. Aren't these teddies so cute. Love the colours you have used. Hope you get better soon. Marianne x

  61. Gorgeous card, Bev! Oooooohhhh.....I'm in love with Teddy Bo & Bea now. LOL These images are soooo cute! And your cards showcase them beautifully.
    Thanks for leading me to Bearly Mine also. They have such beautiful papers.
    Huggies ~

  62. Hope they get excommunicated from Ebay Bev.... but you ARE known in the craft world! At least by all the people I know... No wonder they tried to use one of your images - they're fab!

    ON a lighter note, your card is lovely.... as always!
    Christine x

  63. Lori Podolsky5 May 2011 at 12:48

    Delightful card, Bev! Super sweet image! Coloured perfectly! So sorry to hear about your troubles with these awful people. Don't know how they can live with themselves. Wishing you a happy day, hugs, Lori

  64. Gorgeous card Bev such a cute bear I have not bought any of these images yet shame on me! LOL
    As for Ebay I am always reporting people selling the CD's that contain stolen images I could make it my full time job if it paid lol

  65. Absolutely gorgeous Bev!! I love this sweet image and your coloration and colors are so pretty! Love all the flowers of course too!
    It takes all kinds doesn't it!
    Some people have NO shame whatsoever!

  66. Love your card. These images are so cute. Hope Ebay will get back to you soon with a decent answer


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