Sunday, 13 February 2011

Twisted easel card (my way) and an award

I’ve had lots of emails asking for a quick tutorial on how to make these twisted easel cards, and I’m sure there is a easier way to do this but this way works for me. 
Just make sure you rotate the top layer with the image on 90 degrees clockwise so when you open the card the image stands upright (been there, done that rofl)
Hope this helps.
I have received this lovely award from Jacqui – thanks sweetie.  And in return for receiving this award I am asked to:

Thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog
Pass this award to 8 other people who write blogs I love to visit and leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!
Share 8 things about myself with my lovely blog readers
So here are 8 of the blogs I visit regularly, this was really hard but I have chosen those that have been with and supported me since I started blogging, thanks girls xx
Myra (myscardcorner)
Sally (sallysbitz)
Kim (Kim’s card corner)

8 things about me ….  not much to say really
1.  I am a loner, am quite happy with my own company
2.  Love pink (wonder how that snuck in lol)
3.  Work full time for my sins (gotta pay for my addiction somehow)
4.  Not a chocolate fan – give me Haribo jellies (preferably the fizzy ones) any day
5.  Have a daughter in law who makes THE most amazing cupcakes mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
6.  Am a grandma to Ben and Amy, the loves of my life
7.  Was told by my hairdresser that my “natural” hair colour is grey – the CHEEK!
8.  Intend to grow old very disgracefully lol.



  1. Hi Bev,

    I was wondering if you know about Riet's health these days. I also gave her an award earlier this week (because I do admire how she is creative while in so much pain!)and didn't hear from her at all and her last blog entry was from January so I was realy wondering if everything was allright. Today she wrote on her blog that she is not doing well at all and is on Prednison. When I saw her name on your list I thought
    I'd better inform you. Sorry if the English is not good, I hope you understand anyway.


  2. Congrats Bev on your award hunni, ive just made one of these card and loving the shape :o)
    hugs and xxx

  3. Hi Bev,

    Congratulations on your award, you deserve it as your blog is truly stylish.
    Thank you for the great tutorial, I was wondering how you were doing it. I will give it a go when I find some time.
    Have a nice week,
    Laetitia xx

  4. Got it, very easy to follow, thanks for that, now I just have to master a normal easel, and then I can tackle this one lol.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  5. Congrats with your award. You deserve it, I love visiting your blog, not only so admire your cards but your writing is allways fun to read.
    hugs, Marlies

  6. Isn't that weird, I was just thinking about a twisted easel card when I saw the headline of your post. Thanks for sharing how to make one.

    Kat xx

  7. Congratulations with the Award.
    Love your blog.
    Liefs Wilma

  8. Hi Bev,thanks for for the tutorial.You do make me laugh!How rude of the hairdresser to even dare to mention the word GREY!!!!.You are an inspiration,how you can do a full time job and have time to create such beautiful cards,is a wonder!But carry on please...

  9. you deserve the award 100% I love reading your posts not only are the cards fab I love the way you write your posts

  10. Thanks for sharing your sicret, will try to make...

  11. Aww thank you for the award Bev that is lovely of you. I will post that tomorrow with another I have.
    I am so glad you posted this twisted easel card as I kept looking at it trying to work it out but did not think to rotate the top layer!! Now I have tomorrow's card sorted lol.
    Kim xXx

  12. Thanks for sharinig this Bev!! It's going in my faves!! How can you not like chocolate!! Juliexx

  13. You must have read my mind Bev - thanks for tutorial & congrats on award.
    Paula (PEP)

  14. Hiya Bev
    Someone beat me to it. I too have given this award to you. I read your blog just about everyday and love all your cards, the inspiration you have given me is the reason I've given you the award.
    Luv Hev xx

  15. WOW Bev thanks for that Love your blog blimey 8 things oh a

  16. Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial Bev and congrats for your award - you so deserve it !

    HUgs, sandiblu xx

  17. Wow, thank you so much for the award, Bev!! It really means so much coming from you!!!!!! You deserve all the blog awards in the world!!!!

  18. Thankyou Bev for thinking of me & awarding me this award.

    I shall do the honours tonight or definatly tomorrow x

    hugs sally x