Friday, 26 November 2010

Promarker candy winner

Sorry this is late, I have changed computers and am having a nightmare from hell!  I have lost loads of stuff and am demented!  I want my old computer back!!!!


The winner of the Promarkers candy is




Congratulations Chrissy, please email me your address to claim your prize.



Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Congratulations to Chrissy & commiserating with you Bev - that is exhausting - do take care of yourself in the midst of it all.
    Much love & thinking of you
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Well done Chrissy, and thankyou Bev for doing the draw. xx

  3. Congratulations Chrissy!!

    For next time: an external harddrive is an option, save everything on it and when your pc says: do it yourself, you have all your important stuff on the harddrive. I've learned the hard way too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Bev!
    Hugs Yolanda

  4. Hiya Bev,

    How are you?

    What a nightmare & yes an external hard drive is a must, I too learned the hard way!

    Argos, Pc World & Maplins are great for external hard drives.

    All you do is plug it in & save all your things to the new drive that is created in your MY COMPUTER.

    Its like being robbed, no offence to any one that has been robbed, I have been often through the years.

    Oh I so hope you can calm down & de stress a bit, I get devestated when I can't get a pic to upload.

    It is so frustrating, Oh I am so sorry!

    Wish there was something I could do to help you!

    Was it a virus? You do know that sometimes a computer tech can recover lost data depending on the cause?
    Could be expensive but the cost is nothing if you could recover all your data!

    If the hard drive & the mother board are intact there is a chance of recovery.

    What version of windows are you running? Have you got any recent restore points?

    Sorry, I do not know your level of computer knowledge & please don't be offended if you have already tried some of these things.

    Soooo Sorry you are having these problems especially at such a busy time for you!

    If I can help at all just let me know.

    Take care
    Big Hugs

  5. Hi Bev
    huge congratulation's to Chrissy.
    & HUGE thanks to you Bev for putting such fantastic candy on your blog. So sorry to hear that you are having BIG problems with your computer (I am a complete technophobe)so am unable to help, hope you manage to sort it out.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  6. Congratulations Chrissy enjoy! Bev, I'm sorry you are having computer problems.

  7. chrissy congrats sweetie
    bev thanks for the chance hun
    hugs angelique

  8. Congratulations Chrissy! Hope your computer trouble will be over soon!!
    Computer's are great but the've got to work and that's it. Have a nice weekend, Frea

  9. I'm here lol. Thank you soooo much.
    Excited Yeh! Yeh!Yeh!
    p.s.Have sent you my address.

  10. Such a lucky ladyy Chrissy is with the win! Sorry to hear about the computer Bev!

  11. Congrats to Chrissy!! Have loads of fun!


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