Sunday, 17 October 2010

Simon Says Stamp candy winner

This week’s winner of the Blueberry Tilda stamp kindly sponsored by Simon Says Stamp is ……

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2010-10-17 20:45:59 UTC

198. lilacanglia

Congratulations honey, please email me to claim your prize. Please put Blueberry Tilda Winner in the subject line.

Edited to add: If you have a problem with the winner please email me or at least leave a comment with your name so I can get back to you instead of an anonymous comment!!!!! The winner IS 198. lilacanglia - this was copied from the linky list and pasted in this post.

If there is a deletion of an entry the numbers will change but at the time the winner was drawn 198. lilacanglia was the winner so it stays as is.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother giving stuff away :( !!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am SERIOUSLY HACKED OFF!!!!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Well done Angie x (Lilacanglia) couldnt have gone to a nicer person x Leigh x

  2. Congratulations to the winner.

  3. Congratulations Lilacaglia!

    X Thea

  4. Thank You so very much,
    have emailed,

  5. angie congrats hun
    bev thanks for the opportunity hun
    hugs angelique

  6. Congratulations Lilacaglia!

  7. 197. lilacanglia
    198. Dragonlady


  8. Don't bother with bitter people, Bev! I really appreciate what you do!

    Congrats Lilacaglia!

  9. Congrats, Lilacaglia!

    We appreciate all you do, Bev! Don't let the haters get ya down! ;O)


  10. Don't let one bad apple leave a nasty taste in your mouth. The rest of us are pretty sweet...or at least we aren't too sour!
    Congrats to the winner and thanks to you for sharing! :o)

  11. Aww, I just hate it when someone gets like that. It takes the fun of giving out of it. Bev, you are one of the most giving bloggers out here. Don't let one bad person ruin your love of giving. I don't blame you for bein hacked off though. Some people just can't accept a loss. And to do it anonymously is even worse! As far as I'm concerned it's all fair game until it closes.

    A big CONGRATS to Lilacaglia!

  12. Congrats xx

    Bev dont let one person spoil it! x

    Not to have the guts to put their name says it all, best thing for them is not to enter no more.

  13. Congrats Lilacanglia, don't let them get to you Bev we all appreciate the trouble you go to with your candy's, keep ye chin up.

    Hugs Linda

  14. what is the saying? No good deed goes unpunished .... Sorry about the abuse.

  15. Congratulations to the winner.

  16. Congrats Lilacaglia!

    And to Bev: Don't mind the rudeness of some people! You are a very generous person and we all love the time and effort you spend to let us enjoy your creations and giveaways!
    Take care!

  17. I wouldnt worry about one person getting the hump hun, as the other girls have said, you give away sooo much candy, and the rest of us are so grateful for the chance to win. big hugs... J xxx
    congrats to Lilacanglia. x

  18. Congrats To the winner and Thanks Bev for another great giveaway!!
    hugs and xxx

  19. Oh my, some people are unbelievable! I've seen people delete entries on challenge blogs too, and have wondered how long it would be until someone challenged a winner. Don't let one person's negativeness and bitterness get you down, Bev! They obviously have issues. Thank you so much for your continued generosity, and for sharing your beautiful creations with all of us!

    Congrats, Angie!


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