Sunday, 13 June 2010

Grrrr Mr Linky

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to pay Blenza for my Mr Linky as it’s not working ..... AGAIN!!!!   So I can't do the draw for this week's Simon Says Stamp candy, sorry.

I will draw the winner on Monday evening once I get in from work.

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  1. I'm having problems with MR linky too!! :-( Hope it will be back tomorrow but I guess it will stay away.. xMarley

  2. Bev, dump mr linky and go with's much better, easier to use and more reliable.
    Hope your sciatica is better.
    Donna xx

  3. Mr. Linky is so mean sometimes!!

  4. frustrating, but I still can't see how you can make such beautiful creations when you are feeling pain! You are gifted! Hope you are feeling better and that Mr. Linky gets a good "healin'"


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