Friday, 17 July 2009

Special offer on Martha Stewart border punches

The Hobby House has an offer for this weekend only - Martha Stewart border punches have been reduced to £10.99 each!!! This offer is available on-line and also in the shop.

Soooo, what are you waiting for girlies, go and fell yer boots lol

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  1. oh Bev,your sooo bad lol im gonna be bankrupt if i buy anymore hehe

    love n hugs
    liza xox

  2. Thanks Bev, I am £39 lighter now :) what a great bargain though, had to buy 2 ms punches and then a leaf punch and some spacers, well it would have been impolite not too :)
    Hugs Gina xxx

  3. Already been & placed my order bev...

    Christine xx

  4. oh no someone nicked the last diamond lattice one as I was ordering it boo hoo
    Mina xxx

  5. hahaha Bev you are tooooooo funny...but you are a cute enabler!!!! Hope you have a great weekend over yonder...lo....Hugs..Jacque

  6. Thanks so much for that tip off bev. I've just spent £20 in the Hobbyhouse.

  7. Thanks so much for that Bev, now over £20 lighter.

    Pat xx

  8. NO! NO! NO! ...oh well alright then I'll just go and have a look lol! Not sure whether I'm hoping they'll all be sold out pmsl!!
    Pauline x

  9. Thanks for the heads up Bev. I ordered some earlier but would you know one of the punches jumped right out of my basket when I checked out:(

    Alice (beemer)

  10. Ugh!! My mum ordered some for me here three weeks ago and we're STILL waiting!! I'm so tempted ....

  11. thank you so much for the tip of Bev, i am now £53.00 poorer. lol.
    craft comes before food, but i look upon it that i could afford to lose a few pounds.

  12. thanks bev £130 spent although love it shopping in the hobby house. Thanks always for the inspiration and cya soon at the hobby house
    can't wait. Kate x

  13. nawty Bev, how am I menat to resist that???

  14. What a wonderful little girl with all those rose. Thanks i posted on my blog


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