Saturday, 27 June 2009

New charms and spacers - and loads of them too!!

The Hobby House has almost 50 new charms and spacers in stock, and due to their increased buying power you get even more for your money this time!! Gold and silver chain is due in next week for those of you who were waiting for it.

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  1. Oh Bev you are the world's greatest promoter and the bank manager's worst enemy!! ... I only popped over here for a peek but spotted your sidebar link - and it didn't stop at spacers, oh no!! Just ordered a Valentine lace punch!! At last !! Yay! i think i will have to stop visiting unless it is payday lol!!
    pauline x

  2. Thanks for the update on HH I've just been over and ordered the spacers and charms, Can't wait to see them.
    xx Vee

  3. Thanks for the info Bev, popped on to have a look and it cost me nearly £20!!!!

    Pat xx

  4. oh no, did you hear my credit card groaning there Bev???


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