Sunday, 7 June 2009

Made a boo-boo

Oh dear, I am not having a very good weekend, I thought I would take a break from stamping and try and sort out the blogs I follow and have very (NOT SO) cleverly managed to delete most of them!!! So if you are one of them please don't worry - I will get round to sorting it out this week. DOH - that single brain cell I have needs a serious transplant!! I wonder if tomato food would help grow another??

Thanks for looking,


  1. ROFL... what you like ! think you may need bit more than tomato food... lol.. bless ... you stick to stamping in future xxx lol

  2. dunno about tomato food hon ...sometimes i need miracle gro!!!
    helen x

  3. Don't ya just hate when that single brain cell gets all stroppy and goes on the rampage, lol.

  4. Oh My,
    I did this the other week,
    and I am sure I have still got some missing,
    Hope you get it sorted soon,
    Its an easy mistake,

  5. lol Bev keep stamping hun

  6. Bev you are so cute! I love that you and I do so many things alike... I deleted my favorites folder the other day - duh... I was thrilled I found it on a back up... just missed a few now!

    Hope it doesn't take long to sort out!

  7. haha bless ya! Ive done this before aswell! xxx

  8. Oh dear sounds like it will be a big job hope you get it sorted without to much hassle Bev! x

  9. Oh no! That sounds like something I would do! Hope you get it sorted ok! Hee hee! xx

  10. Oh dear! What a nightmare. Have fun sorting that out... ;)

  11. Guess what, thats sommat that I would do lol! Hope you get sorted quickly.
    Happy crafting
    tracy x

  12. It's so nice to know that I am not the only one with missing brain cells, maybe we could start the crafters missing brain cell sociaty!!! enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sue :o)

  13. oh my gos goodluck to you hihi
    but I am sure you have more brains than you know !
    and when you can make cards like you how needs more hihi
    hugs sylvia

  14. ...well cannot be so amazing at crafting .. and know everything about computers , can you???
    hope you get it sorted soon!!
    vanessa xx

  15. Oh no ive lost a follower lol!
    atleast you have one brain cell i dont have any lol
    hugs amanda xx

  16. Oh Bev, we all have problems like that so stop beating yourself, Im sure you will catch up with yourself eventually. take care love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  17. Oh Bev, why do we do these brain cell is never fully functioning and I can't imagine anything out there being capable of helping me lol :) Donna x

  18. Hi Bev, had to smile hunny, if the tomato food works let me know i certainly need some!!! best you stick to what you do best hunny, your stamping!! you always inspire us with your work and i love visiting to see what you've been up to.

    Have a lovely evening hunny hugs Linda x

  19. oh dear Bev hope you manage to find us all again!! lol. i give up tidyin me comp i lose to much!!! sue.x

  20. LOL That makes me feel so much better to know that I am not alone! If you find a cure let me know....
    Sam x

  21. Oh dear I know how you feel I did something similar ages ago and when I got them all back I printed off the page so that I know who they all are incase I do it again.Thanks goodness I'm not the only one who does stuff like
    xx Vee

  22. Hey you are lucky you got one cell Bev, think of poor me teehee.
    Nicola -x-

  23. oops! Hope you can get it all sorted out Bev! Good luck!
    Hugs, Danielle

  24. Hi Bev! I noticed that I had someone drop and I saw you were gone and just figured maybe you had so much going on with your own blog that it was hard to keep up with others. I know how busy you must be with your hundreds of peeps. ;o) I hope you get it all worked out and have a wonderful week!

  25. LOL what you like Bev!!!!!
    I think you need to avoid the Tomato juice it may discolour your skintone Heeeee Heeee.
    Trish (-:

  26. LOL, we are not computer geniuses, we are stampers! The little we know about computers can be quite dangerous!
    You're lovely Bev, hope you get it all sorted out and have a chance to relax!
    Blessings, Maria

  27. Yep! I was one of them. At least I know I haven't upset you. (Ha!ha!) Sounds like something I would do. Caroline x

  28. WOW! what a beautiful card Bev and the beautiful colors too.
    Hugs Trudy

  29. Not to worry, we all have a senior moment from time to time. Hugs from Desire

  30. why I love visiting your blog,you are not only talented but funny as well.I did just notice your blogroll was quite a bit smaller,hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble to fix.
    Hugs xx

  31. Ahhhh that would explain one of my missing followers *smile*
    *hugs* Heather x

  32. Try to remember what you did to lose them. It might act as a warning to everyone else. (lol)
    Beryl xx

  33. Estoy increiblemente impresionada por ver tanta belleza, me encanta haber encontrado tu blog.

  34. Hi Bev, finally manage to get round to joining your blog. Just want to say love ALL the cards, and the tutorials are right up my street....for those who's grey cells don't catch on so quick!!!!!!!LOL


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