Sunday, 8 March 2009

Loads of Martha Stewart punches due in March/April

Woohoo! No longer will the Martha Stewart punches be nigh on impossible to get hold of. Jill at The Hobby House has just emailed me to let me know that Martha Stewart Punches are now available to pre-order with delivery expected late March/ April. The prices have all been reduced as Jill has managed to get these through a distributor but I'm still going to be in debt forever lol.

You can pre-order them here

Thanks for looking,


  1. You're not too old for a slap you know Bev

    Off to look YIKES hehe

    Hope you well hun


  2. I so wish I had a Hobby House near me. The only shops near me are a paper mill which only takes in a few stamps that I have never even heard of before lol and a small independant craft shop who doesn't take in any punches and only has a tiny selection of stamps :(
    I have to think about moving house lol, I would love some of these punches!
    Lora xx

  3. Thank you for telling. I have pre-order one of the punches now. I have been looking for the Martha Stewart valentine punch.

  4. oh Bev i not gona look, i really not!! well maybe qucik peak!! lol.xx thanks hun.xx

  5. Does this mean I won't have a reason to shop for you anymore?


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