Sunday, 1 March 2009

Have you seen the new Fairy Sprinkles stamps??

Oh my goodness, how cute are these! They are Pink Gem's new range of Fairy Sprinkles and I am in LOVE! There are also some new Max and Milly stamps that have been released - go check out Milly on her roller blades lol

Thanks for looking,


  1. These are adorable Bev .... you have just told me off for spending my pennies and now you are tempting me again .... you rascal!

  2. Oh Bev, these are gorgeous, thank you so much for letting us know about them.x

  3. Your costing me a fortune Bev, LOL. First the MS punches, now this. Nice of you to let us know though!!

  4. Oh yes these are def a set of cuties!!!hugs amanda xx

  5. I love the last one in particular - do you think she's leapfrogging that toadstool??

    Thanks for collecting your award - I went for a cup of tea after posting on my blog and forgot to post my comments!! Thanks for visiting.

    Huge hugs,
    Caryn xxx

  6. Bev,
    you are always so willing to help us spend our money. You don't miss a new stamp do you? LOL Love it. Thanks for the info these are so cute.

  7. DEFFO WANT STOTTIES (and pease pudding and ham!) Ill pay you for some geordie treats xx Thanks hun xx

  8. Hi Bev, thanks for the info...these are darling stamps! Why doesn't anyone have a mouth???? lol Off to check them out!
    Blessings, Maria

  9. Bev,they are so cute.Well, will just have to add them to my long want
    Hugs Cherylxx

  10. these are so cute, can see the girlies loving these x

  11. These stamps are gorgeous Bev, you must stop trying to lead us all astray. Im desperately trying to be good, but there is so much fabulous temptation out there! hugs Linda x

  12. Awww, I love that last one. How adorable is she!

    xx Naoual

  13. these are beautiful! I love the toadstool leap frogging Fairy!

    love teen xx

  14. oh no Bev...something else for my neverending list cute xxx


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