Friday, 13 February 2009

New releases at Pink Gem Designs

Okay so I am seriously in love big time!!! Have you seen the new stamps that have been released at Pink Gem Designs?? They are fabulous, Janet has done an amazing job with these likkle babies.

There are three new Meg stamps and I think the Meg with Flowers is brilliant - check out that Cattitude!!!
Meg with FlowersMeg & ChicksMeg Fishing

Janet has also released 3 new Gem stamps, how cute is that Bee suit!!! I'm sat here with a silly grin on my face lol.
Little Gem in Bee Suit Birthday Gem Little Gem with Flowers
Also are these four fabulous Funky Animals stamps - If I was forced to pick a favourite I couldn't - I would have to have all four lol.
Daisy Marvin on Grapvine Prince Frog Mrs Hoot

Pop on over to Pink Gem Designs now for a closer look

Thanks for looking,


  1. Oh those are just so cute!!!!! You will have lots of fun dear.

  2. I love the frog stamp!(I gotta love the frog)LOL
    Thank you for the award! I am still in shocked that you (really anyone)would visit and leave comments on my blog. You are a big inspiration for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  3. oh they are beautiful!!!
    ?I think the doggie stamps have to be my fave!

    they are all lovely xx

  4. Don't know if you got my comment before,( can't remember which post I left it but just in case,just to let you know I have left an award on my blog for you. Love these stamps too Janet is so talented.

    xx Vee

  5. Oh - they are cute! Thank you so much Bev for your comments on Anki's Sweethearts. It mean a lot to me. It's been a very exciting, but also nervous day for me. Tons of hugs to you sweetie! Anki

  6. Oh these are so cute!!! I will have to go and have a look at Pink Gem Designs!! Have a good day.

    Hugs xx

  7. Im with you Bev Id have to have the lot they are so much fun

  8. OMG,,that cow stamp is just cuuute, and love the frog too.Look forward to seeing what you do with these Bev.Thanks for the inspiration, whenever I visit

  9. These are such adorable stamps!! And Janet is fabulous! xx


Thanks for visiting!

Bev x

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