Friday, 27 February 2009

Guess what - The Hobby House has more Martha Stewart punches in stock!!!

NINE different ones to be precise - so what are you waiting for??? Hop on over to The Hobby House now and get yours, before you miss out!! I know a lot of people were disappointed when the last ones sold out so fast.

A little tip - the delectable Valentines heart punches are in stock !!!!!!!

Thanks for looking,


  1. THANSK Bev, I was one of thosepeople..Oh I am skint now..well already was ha ha

    Hugs hun xx

  2. Ohh you little temptress you Bev.
    Hugs Sheila xx

  3. Looks like word has already got out, the valentines heart one is sold out :( never mind, maybe next time
    Gina xxx

  4. Hi, Thanks for the heads up ! But they have already sold out of the heart border punch :( never mind got her doily one I've had my eye out for for ages, so again cheers ! Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  5. hehe, mine arrived from the last time you gave us the heads up! not had a chance to play yet

  6. Thanks so much bev just been and ordered my doily punch i'm soooo excited can't wait for it to arrive now so i can play ;) hugs amanda xx

  7. hi Bev,
    thank you I want to take a look, I hope she want send international
    hugs Lia

  8. Oh thanks so much Bev for the heads up!
    kim x

  9. Ooo, you little beauty! Thanks so much for the heads up. It's my birthday on 8th March, and my parents have been hassling me for what to get me. I said I really wanted a MS punch but nowhere had them in stock. Well, I've ordered the Doily Lace and the Scallop Dot and also the EK Success Retro Flower punch that I have been looking everywhere for! Happy me, happy parents, happy birthday! Woo-hoo! Thanks Bev!

    x Simonne x

  10. thanks Bev! my order has just arrive, the post man got me out of bed but so worth it as I now have a MS punch! unfortunately I am too skint to order any more just yet but hopefully they will get more in a couple months time. hugs, annie x

  11. LOL Bev stop making me spend money theye are fabulous though I got mine this week and its so easy to use I think Im going to have tosqueeze my card for a bit more

    Toni x

  12. Thanks for the info Bev, I'm probably too late but will hop over there to have a look.

    I've left something for you on my blog.

    Chris x

  13. well I'll try not remember what you wrote.. cant affor these now (but wat acoupple badly)

    have a nice weekend!! loooove your cards!!

  14. Thanks managed to get the valentines hearts last time and now the lace doily this time, my stock is growing.

  15. oh thankyou ~will go and have a look!!
    bet they are all gone before mothers day!!!
    vanessa xx

  16. Bev i've left something on my blog for you.

    Love Karen xxx

  17. gutted - missed them all

    Now one very sad Sam :(


  18. Thats the last time I work so hard! Have been sooooo busy and knackered all week, away at the weekend (not a good time at all!) and now I come on here to find that the MS were back in stock and I've missed them all !! Gutted is not the word - very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very gutted!

    Never mind, it was nice of you to give us the nod hunny!

    Boo hooo !!!


  19. All sold out but have 3 on the way from your last hot tip. Means I will now have a few more pennies for Harrogate. -x-


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