Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Dawn's blog candy and a window on my world

Dawn is giving away some blog candy to celebrate her 20,000 hits - way to go Dawn!! All you have to do is take a photo of your crafting space/room and if you're in the photo even better (and if you have any furry crafting buddies she would love to see them too~!!) - It's great to put a face to the name!!! - A winner will be chosen on Friday 31/10/08 at 8pm.

I read about this candy on Rach's blog and was ooh'ing and aah'ing over her fabby craft space - you lucky thing! Don't all laugh now but here's my little window on the world, I have the back bedroom which I share with my hubby (although his little corner for his radio control cars, boats and planes is getting smaller and smaller, bless him). I keep all the stuff I use all the time in this room, but have plenty more in the other spare bedroom and the garage - it's frightening how much stuff you collect!! So without further ado, here's my little space Dawn - but first things first, meet Lady, our new addition to the family. She shares my chair with me - she hogs it and I sit on the very edge of it!!

Some of my punches - yep I use them all. Also is the set of drawers from Ikea that house a lot of wood mounted stamps, love it!! On the wall is some of the wood mounted Xmas stamps

A close up of the set of Ikea drawers - perfect for stamps

Where I play

The enitre wall is one large cupboard with new shelving from Ikea, there are 3 sets of double sliding doors that hide the stash. I couldn't get it all into one pic without balancing on the bannister (not a good idea when you're my size!!!) so have posted 3 pics. The drawer units on the floor keep my ribbons, some of the A4 card and embellishments.

I love this 12 x 12 paper storage, only problem is I need a couple more but have not been able to source any in the UK boohoo. I have 12 x 12 shelving for the rest of the paper and card in the other bedroom so would love another couple to save me trailing backwards and forwards.

More doglets for you Dawn

My flower addiction and stamp pads and Nestie storage - lots of people have emailed asking what the nesties are stuck to. It's self adhesive magnetic sheets that I got off Ebay, they've been stapled to a sheetof hardboard and the hardboard fixed to the wall. I find it so much easier to get the size I need when they are all mounted together than having to hunt through a CD case that they used to be kept in

Hubby's wee corner and MESS!

I'll be back later with another card.

Thanks for looking,


  1. And I thought I'd a lot of stuff... x

  2. OMG it's hobby craft in bevs house !!! lol only jealouse..and your furry friends is lovely

  3. Ohhh I wanna look into all the boxes ;) and drawers. i am such a nosey person hahahaha but love your space. I am no way near as organised as you and Rach!
    BTW how many doggies do you have??

    hugs Ria

  4. Are you sure this a spare room and not a craft shop, must show my hubby he might stop moaning about all my stash!!! Love your new furry friend she is so cute. Sue :o)

  5. MY god thats so much craft stuff....... i would say let me at it , but its not the craft stuff im after.........

    Here doggys..... come to mummy , they so cute i want one or 3! ( but its bad enough with controlling 1 dog and his hairs lol)

    *pines* for the doggys, and LOL @ the paper stash, theres me thinking i was bad! i feel like a newbie compared to everybody else ( but then i have a stock room filled, that i fill up but as its not in here i dont see it)

  6. Bloomin' ek! makes mine look line a shelf. Ohhhhh I'm coming to stay at your house....lol Wow and soooo tidy, love it. Awwww all your little friends are sooooo cute.
    Pol x

  7. wow this is fantastic, can i come and live there too please?

  8. WOW!! what a room!! And so cute dogs.. i have a 10 weeks old puppy now.. same as Lady ;) they are so sweet :)

  9. Wow! Bev you look like you have some great stash! You are very organised!
    Hugs Lynsey :)

  10. very neat and organised are you a tidy crafter ?

  11. Wowee that's some stash ... and v well organised ... I see you have a bit of a nestie addiction too LOL!! Love you doggy too :-)
    Ppauline x

  12. Fab space Bev. I have really enjoyed looking at your pics. Can I ask you a quick question. The black board on which you have stuck all your nesties, is it magnetic (I know you are probably going to say yes, how else would they stick, Duurr!) and if so where is it from please? I really struggle with storing my nesties and this looks like a fab idea!
    Hugs, Vicky x

  13. Hi Bev,it seems like forever since i last visited your blog...haven't been able to get back into crafting or blogging since my holiday.
    You've made some gorgeous cards and i'm loving your craft room...
    Take care
    Sandra x

  14. oooh bev I always love looking at your stash. So when are you inviting me to stay for the weekend, lol????? SUper cute doggies too.

  15. Me again! Thanks for the advice on the magnetic sheets. I ahve just had a quick lok and found some! I hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea? :-)
    Hugs, Vicky x

  16. Oh My Dear Lord!!! Now that is one comprehensive craft collection if ever I ve seen one, it looks FABULOUS and I just wish I could come along and play with you. Hugs M xx

  17. Oh wow Bev. How organised are you hunny!!!! I would not put a pic of my messy tip on here cos I dont even like looking at it, let alone everyone else, and none of you would ever speak to me again lol xxx LOVE those cute lil doggies as well. Every craft room should have one xxxx

  18. My word woman! Thats a lotta stash! I want it ALL! lol Wish I had a space like that, shame my craft room also has to act as my bedroom grrrr feels so insy winsy compared to all your lovely stuff lol xxx

  19. Blimey...I thought I had a lot of stuff.
    I would love to play in that room...do you take in guests???
    What a fab idea for blog candy from Dawn...don't know if I dare share my mess!!!
    Emma x

  20. whoo hooo,
    wow Bev! love your craft room lots and lots of gorgeous goodies and so well stored...love that huge cupboard and all the goodies that are in it...your nesties look great on the wall, i have mine in cd cases...Lady and the rest of the gang look fabulous. Aww bless your poor hubby. i think that it is brilliant that you both craft together...though with different mediums...
    thanks for sharing sweetie. Big hugs rachxxx

  21. OMG !!! That's sure a lot of stuff!!! Do you have paper??? and flowers?? abns maybe.. A stamp??? lol Bev, that was very delightful! I wish I could be your neighbour!! :)p

  22. Oh wow Bev, this looks like a seriously organised craft shop. All those stamps are mind bogling and now I understand why hubby is really getting a smaller and smaller backseat. Love the way how your punches are stored against the wall. And all those craft buddies of yours ... is just enought to melt your heart. Now I can see why all your creations are so magnificently stunning!!! Warm regards

  23. Oh wow Bev... thats some room!! I wanna come play lol! If it were mine l d never be out of there!

    Thanks for linking me and entering for the candy :) Good Luck!!!

    Elaine x

  24. Fabulous room & doggies!!! :o)x

  25. Bev this is wonderful!
    If only I had a room like you and Rach I would die happy.
    I could just sit there and wouldn't stop grinning. Great idea for the nestabilities.
    Gorgeous new baby you have there, and the rest of the gang seem to love hanging out with you too.
    kim x

  26. You are the luckiest lady in the world, how amazing is your craft room??? And you have several diffrent foot warmers, and assistants to 'help' pick up the bits you drop!!!! I'm going to have to show my boyfriend your pics and try to convince him "I need one" he could have a corner foe fishing stuff (aswell as the whole shed)!!!! lol

  27. oh I am so jealous! can I come and live with you, Bev? pretty please, I'll be good I promise ;)
    Seriously though, how do you get your nesties to sit on the wall like that? Have you glued plastic sleeves to the wall?
    **Hugs** Heather x

  28. OMG how organised are you, I really thought I had a lot of stuf until I saw all this, I am so jealous of all that storage space, mine has to go in the attic then I forget I have got it doh!!!!!
    Hugs Jacqui
    Ps like the company you keep

  29. Oh I am so jealous. I have a tiny space in the corner of our bedroom with all my stuff stacked on top of eachother.
    I used to have a lovely craft room but our 25 year old daughter came back home to live and so my craft room had to go.
    I love her at home but miss my own space - hubby moans at all the stuff I have!

  30. Beeeeevvvvvv!!

    Wowee that is some fantastic storage - okay a green mist is descending!! LOL
    So organised and everything at hand!
    And your doggies are adorable - it must be great having them around - I speak to my two all the time when I'm crafting!! Peaches loves to sit and watch on the desk but Pepsi doesn't care!!
    thanks so much for your pics

    I am having a great time visiting all the crafty spaces!!



  31. great work area Bev and so organised....love your cute doggies too

  32. What an amazing craft room, I would never want to leave it. x

  33. I am VERY jealous of your corner of the room! hee hee! I also have to share a room w/ hubby...his desktop computer is in my craft (cough)...I mean our spare room! We also have a bowflex in there which houses most of my supplies...hee hee! Love your space!!!! And your doggie is adorable!
    Hugs~ Kim

  34. Wow fantastic craft room, and so nice to see the doggies looking comfy too :)
    Gina xxx

  35. Fab craft room Bev, all very neat and tidy. I am too ashamed to take a picture of mine, it is sooo messy! Louise x

  36. wow, what a fabulous craft space you have, and what adorable doggies! hugs, annie x

  37. That's a mini craft shop going on there Bev, when can I come and play lol! :) Donna x

  38. What a wonderful craft haven! And ahhhh what cute companions!!!
    Blessings, Maria

  39. oh wauw i want to come on holiday with you and craft together, what a lovely room. and all so organized.

    hugs Annemarie

  40. Wow Bev! That is some awesome room you have there. Also you sure have a lot invested in scrapping! You are my new hero!! Have a great weekend!

  41. Just shown my DH to prove that actually I haven't got that much!! He was so unimpressed with how much stash you have! Unlike me! I'm in awe!!

  42. OMG it's fab can i come play? those dogs are so cute! I share my room with 4 cats, I get cross when the leave muddy paw prints an my latest project!!lol I have to get more stash!!lol hugs mx

  43. Wow..... Bev
    Your craft room is yes brunt person!
    It looks even better than in many a shop!
    It is the bright madness and I'm totally excited!!
    Now I also know why your cards always are soooooo beautiful!
    Big hugs from germany

  44. Oh I just love your craft room! I wish you would come over to me and help me organize everything like this too! :-)))
    And your dogs are soooooo cute!!!! :-)))
    Hugs, Renate

  45. HOLY, love your space Bev. Totally envious. lol

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